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Riverside County, California Primary: Voting Guide

A Constitution Association Voter's Guide will be put together for the General Election, but not for the Primary.  California's Primary is June 7, Tuesday.  A bunch of people have been contacting me asking for help in the Primary, so here it goes:

President of the United States

If you desire our country to follow in the footsteps of failed systems like Venezuela, Bernie Sanders should be your vote.  At least he's honest about being a socialist. I believe Hillary Clinton to be something much, much worse.  On the Republican side, Cruz, Carson, Gilmore and Kasich remain on the ballot, but Donald Trump has achieved the minimum number of delegates necessary, and is the presumptive nomination.  While Trump ranked low on my original list, as a businessman and capitalist, I believe him to be a better candidate than Sanders or Clinton, and therefore I recommend Donald Trump for President.

United States Senate

34 candidates for United States Senate are on the ballot.  The leading Democrats are Loretta L. Sanchez and Kamala D. Harris, both of whom are hardcore leftists.  The best Republican Candidate is Karen Roseberry, who is conservative, and constitutionally sound.  However, this is a "two top vote getters" race, which means it is important to gather around a single candidate without splitting the vote.  The most electable Republican, and a fairly conservative candidate, is THOMAS G. DEL BECCARO.  He's a business attorney, author, and former chairman of the California Republican Party.

US Representative, 36th District

The incumbent is Dr. Raul Ruiz, a hard left Democrat who consistently votes with Barack Obama.  Of the two Republicans in the race, by voting record and overall experience, Jeff Stone is the better candidate.  Stone's beginnings in politics can be traced by to his days on the City Council in Temecula.

US Representative, 41st District

Mark Takano is the Democrat incumbent, and leans way leftward.  The most conservative candidate facing him is Corona City Councilmember Randy Fox, who is also a businessman and pastor.  Fox was the one who initiated and fought for adding "In God We Trust" to the Corona Council Chambers.

US Representative, 42nd District

Ken Calvert, Republican, is the incumbent, and though he has lost a little bit of his conservative edge, he continues to be an effective congressman who usually loyally votes with the Republicans, and over the last year has made some significant strides back towards conservatism.  His opponents include Tim Sheridan, Democrat, who is a nice person, but unapologetically a leftwing Democrat who would work to continue the madness of the Obama administration.  Kerri Condley represents no party, and has no experience, voting record, nor chance to pull off an upset.

US Representative, 50th District 

The incumbent, Duncan Hunter, remains the best choice.  He is usually pretty conservative, and has a good record standing against illegal immigration. H. Fugi Shioura poses no threat in the election to dethrone Hunter, nor does Scott C. Misterlin, a fellow Republican.  Patrick Malloy may pose as Hunter's greatest threat from the Democrat Party, but Malloy does not enjoy much in the way of name recognition, giving Hunter the edge.

State Senator, 23rd District

Mike Morrell has consistently been among the most conservative members of the California State Legislature.  He also has a pretty solid handle on the original intent of the United States Constitution.  He gets my support.  

State Senator, 31st Senatorial District 

Richard Reed is the Republican challenger to Democrat Richard Roth.  Roth needs to be defeated, and removed.  He has been a part of the problem in Sacramento, and Reed poses to be a breath of fresh air for this district if he can pull off the win.

State Assembly, 42nd District 

Chad Mayes is the incumbent, and is a pretty conservative Republican.  His comment about supporting the National Popular Vote movement, however, has caused this writer to consider Libertarian Jeff Hewitt, the very popular mayor of Calimesa.  Democrat Greg Rodriguez isn't even worth the mention.

State Assembly, 56th District

Eduardo Garcia has been a part of the problem in Sacramento.  Unfortunately, he is running unopposed.

State Assembly, 60th Assembly 

Republican Eric Linder has a wishy-washy voting record, and it is easy to consider that he may be a decent Republican, but he may likely not be a conservative.  However, his opposition in this election are coming from two hard left Democrats, therefore, Linder is your best choice.

State Assembly, 61st Assembly

Hector Diaz, Republican, remains the best choice against incumbent Democrat, Jose Medina.  Medina's history as a school teacher gave him the tools he needed to also try to indoctrinate Sacramento with leftist ideas.  Diaz, the underdog, can change the culture in Sacramento. . . or at least regarding those closest to him.

State Assembly, 67th District

Melissa Melendez is among the most conservative members of the assembly.  She had her beginnings on the Lake Elsinore City Council, and the United States Navy.  Jorge Lopez has a weak campaign in a fairly conservative district, and likely stands no chance against her.

State Assembly, 71st District 

Small business owner Leo Hamel is a Republican in this race, but the better GOP candidate is Randy Voepel, Mayor of Santee who has a long record of conservative accomplishments.  The incumbent is Brian w. Jones, but he is not ont he ballot.  Tony Teora, however, is, making it a 3-way GOP race.

State Assembly, 75th District 

Marie Waldron, along with Melissa Melindez, has accomplished a lot in Sacramento, which is commendable since she is a Republican.  Waldron has a very conservative voting record, and is the obvious choice against Democrat Andrew Masiel.  

Proposition 50

Authorizes each house of Legislature to suspend one of its Members by two-thirds vote, and to require Member to forfeit salary and benefits while suspended. • Prohibits suspended Member from exercising rights, privileges, duties, or powers of office, or using any legislative resources. • Provides suspension may end on specified date, or upon two-thirds vote of Member’s house.

The law, if it goes into effect, would better enable the legislature to punish its own members without outside oversight.  While on the surface it seems like a reasonable bill, it opens up the opportunity to keep corrupt members in the legislature with ease, while easily allowing the majority to suspend members who show dissent.  The law would give too much power to the legislature, and more importantly, to the controlling party.  I recommend a NO vote.

Superior Court Judge

Burke Strunsky is a hard left liberal, while Shaffer Cormell is a good conservative,and has a rudimentary understanding of the original intent of the United States Constitution.  D.W. Duke is the most sound of the three regarding the Constitution.

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