Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tel Aviv Terror Attack Aftermath

By Douglas V. Gibbs, Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

On Wednesday there was a shooting in Tel Aviv at a market that left four dead, and six wounded.  The incident has been determined to be a terrorist attack.  The attackers were two Palestinian men who were sitting at a restaurant in the market, and then began to open fire on customers.  The shooters were arrested, as was an accomplice.  The attack came after a relative lull in violence following a six-month wave of stabbings and shootings in Israel.

A prayer service two days later drew 350 attendees, including U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro.  “With the pain and the hurt, wishing a Shabbat shalom and happy holiday of Shavuot, the time of the giving of the Torah,” Shapiro posted in Hebrew on Facebook Friday.

Israel's ban on Palestinians entering its territory following the attack has drawn criticism from a number of nations.  France's foreign minister claims the ban may escalate violence instead of focus attention on the need to pursue peace.  Though France condemned the attack, they have been very critical of Israel's response.

The restrictions were imposed Thursday, and was accompanied by Israel sending hundreds of additional troops into the West Bank region.

France's criticisms are based on an erroneous premise.  Palestinians have no intention to pursue peace.  Islam has no intention to pursue peace.  Peace is maintained in the Middle East when Israel is strong, and when the country is willing to take measures to ensure her safety as a nation.  Israel is a very small country surrounded by Islamic totalitarian theocracies who wish to destroy the Jewish homeland.  Palestinians, and Muslims in general, who live inside Israel are the safest and happiest Muslims in the Middle East.  Israel has been more than fair to them.  But, when terror strikes, in the name of national security, sometimes measures as Israel has taken in response to the Tel Aviv attack are necessary.  While the world has been critical of Israel, because of their tough policies, Israel remains the safest region in the Middle East.  Besides, is not Israel entitled to do as it wishes inside its own country without international influence when it comes to keeping its citizens safe from Islamic terrorism?

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