Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Common Good: Tyranny of Good Intentions

By Douglas V. Gibbs

If it wasn't for the federal government, we have been taught to believe, nothing that contributes to the common good would ever get done.  Yet, when we open the door for the central government to interfere in local politics and issues, the long list of government abuses appears.

"You didn't build that," proclaimed Barack Obama.

Do these people truly believe that if the federal government wasn't there to force their will upon us we wouldn't have built roads, or sidewalks, or a system where a business can succeed?  Wealth and prosperity is not built by government, but by individuals.

People are responsible for their own acts, and the difficulties we face now in America is not the result of a breakdown in a Constitutional system, or the failures of free market capitalism.  The pain we are encountering in the United States is the result of leftist socialist tweaking of a perfectly good system.

The federal government has expanded way beyond the authorities allotted to it by the United States Constitution.  The out-of-control government, however, does this without rebuke because the few who speak up are immediately labeled as crackpots by the politicians and media, and the remainder of the public doesn't care because they haven't realized the pinch they are in the middle of.  They have adjusted to the expanding incremental growth of government control, and were taught this is the way it is supposed to be while in public school, so they believe it is normal.

The reality is that the leftist agenda now feeds on being mentally ill, and is fomenting an increase of their mental disorder into sexual behavior, cross-dressing, and a whole litany of Marxist ideas.  The liberal left acts like we should be happy they haven't shipped us off into camps, or targeted the right-wingers for termination, just yet.

The Founding Fathers called the kind of tyranny we are experiencing utopianism, and maladministration.  The abuses are by design, and the fundamental transformation is only just beginning.  We have lost access to our God-given rights, squandering them during the last couple generations because we were too occupied with distractions to notice that we have been taken over by an elite ruling class.  Equality has been altered into a leftist drive for equity, while also employing a "divide and conquer" strategy, coupled with a "Cloward and Piven" tactic of total disruption.

None of the abuses and leftist insanity we are experiencing were unknown to the founders.  They called socialism by the name of utopianism.  A redistribution of wealth was the schemes of leveling.  Crony Capitalism was mercantilism.  Marx was not the first to come up with communism.  It existed long before the Colonies did, and in fact, many of the early American Colonies tried existing as a communal system. The result was failure, and starvation.

Venezuela is the latest example of the failure of leftist ideas.

We have been altered.  Convinced we are a democracy (a very violent idea, to be sure).  Americans don't even know what a republic is, or how it is we are supposed to work to keep it as such.

Elizabeth Powel would be a great example to follow.  In her time she could not vote, yet she was instrumental in keeping the republic.  She became friends with the founders, consulting them, influencing them.  Do we do that today?  Or do we vote, then go home and kick our feet up and complain for the next year?

The idea of individualism has eroded.  The sovereignty of the States has eroded with individualism.  We have been turned into a homogeneous glob of collectivism.  Mob-rule.  Mob-violence.  Our system is committing suicide.

Eternal vigilance is necessary, not only in keeping the republic, but in keeping our culture virtuous.  When we turn our backs on God, how can we expect ourselves to be able to adhere to any principles?  The rule of law is based on the laws of God.  As Ben Franklin so aptly said, "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom."

Judges legislate from the bench.  The executive believes to rule all he needs is a pen and a phone.  The cowards in Congress fall right in line.  The bankers manipulate the system.  And the people sleep.

We have become no more than slaves under the iron fist of an evil tyranny.  We have ceased to be able to recognize tyranny.  We can't get tough because we are too afraid to misspeak.  Political Correctness has us looking over our shoulder, and the violence has us fearful of speaking too loud.

Under the guise of the common good, and good intentions, the collective has been placed as more important than the individual.  We are divided.  Angry.  Enslaved.

The abuses by government are only just beginning.  Are we too paralyzed to fight back?

The Constitution offers solutions if we'd only just look.

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