Sunday, June 05, 2016


By Allan McNew

I believe people can be clueless about race without being malevolent.

Take Trump. One of the first things he said was something along the line of “Mexico isn't sending its best people (in the terms of those least able to make it in Mexico, arguably true), they're rapists, [criminals?], (a percentage are)… and, I assume some are good people.”

Clumsy at best, certainly ripe to be politically exploited, but I understand what he was trying to say. In terms of trotting out the taco bowl and saying that Hispanics love him, that's clumsy and clueless as well from the other direction.

I have short shrift for those who consciously make race an issue, for example those from the Tan Klan who describe everyone with a brown skin and Spanish last name as a “Mexican” as though they are all the same person, have the same political thoughts, same motivations, same view to history, etc. The same with those from the equally evil pointy hat crowd
who do the same.

Consider the judge in Trump's court case. Trump is trying to say that the man is prejudiced, but since it is pounded into our cultural notions that only white people are capable of racist thoughts, it automatically goes into the mode “He's an American”, which is true, yet the judge may also truly think of himself as “Mexican” in the racial sense, which Trump is getting the hammer for. Trump appears to be clueless on how to make that case that the judge may be prejudiced.

But, this is where the rubber hits the road for me concerning the issue. While I haven't investigated the judge's background for myself, it seems as though the judge may have some associations and political activities which lend itself to a racial agenda, which Trump, never having to deal with it before, hasn't a clue as to how to address. People in positions
of authority, such as the judiciary, tend to make decisions based on their beliefs tinted by their prejudices. So, instead of babbling about the judge being “Mexican”, Trump should have his people make an investigation as to the judge's past behavior, writings, statements,
associations, rulings,  education (ethnic studies, Mecha, etc.) which lends itself to bias, organizations to which the judge belongs (MAPA, NCLR, Mexica Movement, Brown Beret,  etc). If the judge has any racial bias or otherwise blatant “outbreed, outnumber and throw white people out”sort of thing in his past or with his associations, the judge should be required to recuse himself or otherwise be disqualified.

Infiltrating and taking over governance, which includes the judiciary, is a part of Aztlanista strategy, which is derived from the overall progressive-socialist political strategy to win by any means. While the judge may be an American, for him to be an Aztlanista as well is like a Grand Wizard from the other dark side sitting on the bench, absolutely
no difference.  

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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