Thursday, June 09, 2016

Trump's La Raza Judge

By Douglas V. Gibbs, AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host

My wife was born in Mexico.  She is the oldest of seven daughters.  While my wife is quite conservative regarding the immigration issue, and a staunch Trump supporter, most of her sisters are La Raza Nuts.  She was appalled at the media when the Trump University Case began to be their favorite flavor of attacks, and reported it with the statement, "Trump says University Case judge has a conflict of interest because he's Mexican" on a local television news broadcast.

"That's not what Trump said," my wife commented.

Welcome to the biased reporting by the mainstream media.

The very fact that Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a United States District Court Judge for any case in the United States is a conflict of interest, because as a member of La Raza, he is a member of an organization hostile to the United States, and an organization desiring an overthrow of a section of the United States by Mexicans.  Would that not make La Raza a seditious organization?  Yet, they've infiltrated our court system, and Trump is hammered for calling it a conflict of interest?

Curiel has a big time history with La Raza, too.  It's not like he's just a casual supporter.  He is a part of the "La Raza Lawyers of San Diego," has spoken at two receptions held by the organization, and last year the group held a reception for him.*

Judge Curiel is a member of an organization that desires to keep the border between the United States and Mexico wide open, against the letter of federal law, and that's the judge handling a court case against Donald Trump who is the loudest voice against illegal immigration during this presidential campaign season.  And the legal eagles don't see the conflict?  The media can't see the conflict?  What if the judge was a member of a Tea Party group and was handling a case against an illegal alien for an attack against a Republican Club meeting.  Would there be a conflict then?  How about if the judge was white, was a member of an organization standing against #blacklivesmatter, and was residing over a case where the defendant was a black man accused of looting a white man's store.  Would that be a conflict?

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