Monday, June 27, 2016

Who Are These Leftist Hate Groups?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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A reader in Canada asked about the news she gets, not understanding some of the players or governmental definitions.  She has struggled with understanding the American Constitution, the difference between republic and democracy, and definitions encouraged by the left/right paradigm (political spectrum).  She listed five groups she was especially curious about, but she did not know who or what they were.  The five groups she listed are Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP), Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), KKK, Neo-Nazi's, White Supremacist.

Here's my response:

I forget how different Canada and the U.S. are, sometimes; and how not all people are politically in tune as I am.  Here's your definitions for the five groups (understand these are short and brief. . . there is definitely more to the story of each of the groups).

Traditionalist Workers Party: Socialist White Supremacy group, who claim to be right-wing but in reality their political stances are left-wing.

Southern Poverty Law Center: A non-profit organization that is way left politically, claims they are there to fight against hate groups, but has labeled anything to the right of center, from constitutionalists like myself to military veterans as hate groups, and potential domestic terrorists.

KKK: Ku Klux Klan is a white supremacy group that's been around since the reconstruction period after the American Civil War (called the War Between the States by most history enthusiasts who know the war was not technically a civil war because the Southern States had actually seceded and were no longer under the social contract called the U.S. Constitution). The Democrat Party created the KKK to be its militant arm to be used to keep blacks and white republicans from voting or holding office in The South. Even recent Democrats, like Senator Byrd who died only a few years ago, have been members of the KKK. The Democrat Party has a very racist history, yet they have convinced the uninformed voters that it is conservatives and Republicans who are the racists. Even recently, Democrats have shown their racism (as they also do through their associations and policies) yet the Democrat voters buy into their rhetoric that claims right of center politicians and voters are the racists.

Neo-Nazi's: White supremacist socialists like the TWP, who claim to be right-wing, but in reality their political stances are left-wing. This group also glorifies Hitler and Nazism (National Socialism).

White Supremacist: Any person who buys into the idea that superiority or position is best defined by race, and that the white race is above all other races in intelligence and abilities. They tend to be either anarchists, or socialists. Like all of the other groups (aside from the SPLC) on this list, they are listed by the media and entertainment industry as being right-wing, when in reality they have more in common politically with the liberal left Democrats.

To help you understand what a republic is supposed to be, why we are not a democracy, and what I mean by left-wing and right-wing, I suggest you view the following video:

The woman in the video is Elizabeth Powel, a person I will discuss in the near future.


Douglas V. Gibbs
Director, Center for the Study of the U.S. Constitution
Fellow of the American Freedom Alliance
President, Constitution Association
Radio Host, KMET 1490-AM
Author, "25 Myths of the United States Constitution," "The Basic Constitution," "Concepts of the United States Constitution, and "Silenced Screams: Abortion in a Virtuous Society"

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