Friday, July 08, 2016

A few more words about FBI Director Comey and Hillary Clinton

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I had a conversation with a friend and longtime radio program listener, Ryan in South Dakota, about the decision by the FBI regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  He said that he was infuriated over what happened. . . not so much about the "coverage of Hillary Clinton's ersatz acquittal from the left," but more so regarding the "coverage from the right."

"Oh?" I asked.

He continued, "I've watched a lot of conservatives wait with bated breath as though somehow the fix wasn't in.  And those same idiots screaming 'Game over, man! Game over,' like they're just now figuring out that the federal government is corrupt to its very core.  If you really believe there was ever any chance of Hillary Clinton suffering the consequences from her crimes...perhaps it's best I not say what I really think about that level of stupidity.  I am sure I am among the least surprised of anyone on the face of the planet that it turned out the way it did."

"No surprise," I said.  "Just disappointed.  In the far reaches of my mind I hoped I was wrong that the fix was in, and that she would walk away from all of this unscathed."

He said, "You knew, Doug."


"Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to in all of this," he chimed on.  "But, somehow it seems to me that there was a level of surprise.  Or, maybe disbelief is a better term.  I just want to shout from the rooftops, "Did you people notice what happened a mere 18 years ago with Hillary's husband?"  [He lied under oath, with the evidence firmly in place, and got not a scratch]

"Like me," I said, "they hoped."

Now, Ryan was ready to really rant.  "This just further reinforces in my mind that we're a nation of cowards and idiots who aren't worthy of the Greatest Generation's sacrifices.  In a month we'll forget about this, too. This is America.  It's what we do.  And, of course, by 'we' I mean the royal we.  We'll forget about it as a nation."

"Americans are not idiots," I reassured him.  "Hopeless optimists."

"Hopeless idiots = idiot."

"No," I said, rejecting his accusation.

"My grandfather's generation," said Ryan, "wasn't a bunch of hopeless optimists when it came to kicking Tojo's and Hitler's backside.  They did what needed to be done at great personal cost.  And it took us just two generations to piss it all away."

"We are in Tytler's Cycle," I said.  "And, I believe it will get much worse before it gets better."

"It will get much worse," he agreed, "but there is nothing in history to guarantee it will get any better."

"Yes," I replied.  "There is."

"The Roman Republic didn't resurface.  It died and was replaced by the Empire.  Germany never reclaimed the glory it had under the Kaiser.  It went from World War I to World War II to decades of life under the Soviet boot-heel.  And now that Germany is free, they're dealing with the Brexit drama and a possible revolt by the German people in the EU rather than the Eastern block."

"I didn't say," I said, "that I expect the U.S. to rise identical to what it was before it fell.  Are you familiar with the Tytler Cycle?"

"I am, and I think it is a gross oversimplification of history."

I disagree.  I continued, "I discuss it a little in my last book and will a lot more in my next one."

"Freedom is not a natural state of man," he said.

I agreed.  "No, it isn't.  It must be fought for."

"Tyranny is a natural state of man," he continued.  "And in man's true natural state, sans government, one must spend most of one's time defending oneself.  I think John Locke had it right."

"True," I agreed.

"And if Locke had it right, it doesn't bode well for the future of our republic."

"Locke recognized," I said, "that we need to be a virtuous people."

"No, not exactly," he tried to correct me.  "Locke recognized that we need to put virtuous people in charge."

"You are unable to put virtuous people in charge if you, yourself, are not virtuous in the first place," I retorted.

He said, "There are no virtuous people left.  The fix is in."

I reminded him, referring back to the Tytler Cycle, "When in bondage, we cry out to God.  And then the cycle begins again."

"Mark my words, Doug; you and I both know what really needs to be done.  And it won't be.  The optimists are just fooling themselves.  When we come out the other side, there may be a virtuous remnant of some kind left, but it won't be America anymore."

In reality, nobody expected Hillary Clinton to face an indictment from the FBI.  We knew the fix was in, just like we know, as they did four years ago, there will once again be massive election fraud.  And think about it.  If the FBI had recommended that charges be filed against Hillary Clinton, do you really believe that Loretta Lynch would have followed their advice?  In truth, if Comey was being perfectly honest in his delivery he would have said, "I do not recommend that Hillary Clinton is prosecuted because I don't want to suffer an untimely death due to mysterious causes."

The leftist establishment, be it the Democrat Party, the left-wing media, or the uninformed voters, were willing to do anything they could to make sure Hillary stayed clean as the wind-driven snow, and on the ticket for the White House.  And, they want you down-trodden.  The liberal left wants you to feel defeated.  It's harder to fight against them when you feel that way.  They are above the law, and you are supposed to realize there is nothing you can do about it.  That's what they want.

Of course they knew she'd be fine.  That's why Obama had already decided to campaign with her. . . within hours after the FBI announcement of their decision.  And to make it worse, if by some stroke of lightning FBI's Comey had come out and recommended prosecution, nothing would have changed.  Her campaign would have gone on anyway.  The Clintons truly believe they are untouchable, and they want you to thinks so, as well.

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