Thursday, July 07, 2016

Dallas Shooter Kills Five Law Enforcement Officers at BlackLivesMatter Protest

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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BlackLivesMatter continues to foment racism and violence as at one of their protest rallies two gunmen in sniper-style have killed five law enforcement officers (including one DART Transportation Agency officer), and wounding six other officers.  It has been reported that one civilian has also been injured.  She was shot while shielding her children. Currently the total number of wounded is at eleven.  At this moment, the shooting suspects have not been apprehended, and are not cooperating with negotiators.  The shooters have alluded to the possibility that they have planted explosive devices in the area.  So far at least on suspicious package has been investigated.

The police were the target in this shooting.  The participants in the BlackLivesMatter rally were left alone, fleeing with signs the read things like "Stop Police Terror".  The shooting occurred literally hours after President Obama claimed that our police are the enemy.

Investigators say the episode was a coordinated ambush attack.  It began shortly before 9:00 pm Central Time.  The shooting erupted at the close of the BlackLivesMatter protest march.  Members of the protest scattered as the shots rang out.

"We believe that these suspects were positioning themselves to triangulate on our officers and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could," Dallas Police Chief Brown said at a news conference Thursday evening.

A few people have been taken into custody.  It is believed they were in connection with the shooting.

The shooting in Dallas is the deadliest day against law enforcement agents in the United States since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks killed 72.

The ATF and FBI have joined the investigation.

Investigators say their aim is to discover what motivated the attack against police officers.

This is a direct result of the anti-police sentiment being pushed by BlackLivesMatter and the Obama administration.  There is no doubt the White House will politicize this incident to fuel their gun control debate.

The Mayor of Dallas said it is heartbreaking to lose these officers.  "Words matter."

Our prayers go out to those lives lost in this shooting.

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2 Snipers Ambush, Kill 5 Officers, Injure 11 in Dallas Following Peaceful Protest - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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