Monday, July 18, 2016

France Cover-Up: Muslim Atrocities

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The narrative by the liberal leftists around the world has become so ridiculous in the face of overwhelming evidence that Islam is determined to cause violence and bring down the liberty of Western Civilization that they have been doing the best they can to cover-up the more egregious actions of Muslims in their countries.  They scream that Islam is the Religion of Peace as Muslims explode devices in their cities, and shoot their citizens.  The facts don't matter.  The narrative is more important.

Are the liberal left statists that ignorant?  That blind?  Or are they willful accomplices?

In France, the government has been covering up the fact that many victims of the terrorist attack in Paris at the Bataclan music hall were apparently savagely tortured - blatantly lying about the facts.
According to the Washington Times:
A government committee’s testimony translated by Heat Street, a conservative site owned by News Corp., on Friday spotlights beheadings, gouged-out eyes, and sexual abuse at the Bataclan theater last year. The Islamic State terror attacks killed 130 across the city and 89 at the concert venue alone.
A translation provided by the website show France’s Commission of Inquiry asking an investigator about the remains of victims on the second floor of the theater. The questioner said that injuries attributed to shrapnel seem dubious given that one man had his testicles removed and placed in his mouth.
“Some of the bodies found at the Bataclan were extremely mutilated by the explosions and weapons, to the point that it was sometimes difficult to reconstruct the dismembered bodies,” an prosecutor said. “In other words, injuries described … may also have been caused by automatic weapons, by explosions or projections of nails and bolts that have resulted.”
“Would those have put a man’s [testicles] in in his own mouth?” the committee member fired back.
“I do not have that information,” the prosecutor replied.
Did you catch all that?  The killers in Paris sickeningly gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths.  Some victims were disemboweled while still alive, women were stabbed in their genitals, and the torture was filmed.  This is the disgusting reality of Islam, what Islam is all about, and how far the liberal left is willing to go to protect their narrative designed to coddle and protect Islam no matter what the jihadists do.

France's liberal leftist prosecutors claimed these reports of torture were “a rumor” on the grounds that sharp knives were not found at the scene. They also claimed that maybe shrapnel had caused the injuries.

Outright lies to protect Islam?  Or are they simply worried that the people can't handle the truth?  The fear by the leftists is that their precious Muslims may then become a target of an anti-Muslim backlash.  Perhaps the voters would demand stronger laws against Islam, and demand that the French government do more in the fight against ISIS.

Suppressing the truth hides the reality that a failure in government policies have led to terrorists operating inside their own country.  They are unwilling to admit that Muslims do not have the same moral values as the West.  Forwarding Islam, to these terrorists, is worth the human rights violations.  Islam does not have any kind of rules of engagement to protect civilians.  Their tactics specifically target civilians.  It's part of their strategy for civilians to die. They don't care if we blanch when they execute a prisoner in a particularly gruesome way. They want us to be scared of them.  They want us paralyzed by fear.  Fear is a tremendous tool that is used by evil.  History testifies to that truth.

Snopes claims the cover-up is false, that there was no atrocities as being reported.  Their evidence?  Testimony by those accused of the cover-up.

First of all, Snopes is a leftist organization.

Second, their claim would be like a Fox interviewing a fox to find out if the claim that foxes have been invading the hen house is true, or not.

Really, Snopes?  Do you think people are that stupid?

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