Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Freddie Gray Charges All Dropped

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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When it was said the police killed Freddie Gray, when the evidence said otherwise, Baltimore exploded into riots.  Now, long after it all began, after the first four trials went against the prosecution in the Freddie Gray case, the charges for the remaining two officers have been dropped.  

The Baltimore Police Department has released a statement saying all six officers will be back on the payroll effective immediately, although they will remain on administrative duty.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is livid, but there was not enough evidence in any of the witch hunts against Baltimore police officers.  

Mosby claims “the prosecution of on-duty police officers in this country is unsurprisingly rare and blatantly fraught with systemic and inherent complications.”

She went on to say, that “as a mother, the decision not to proceed on the remaining trials is agonizing.” But, “as a chief prosecutor elected by the citizens of Baltimore, I must consider the dismal likelihood of conviction at this point.”

“What I ultimately learned throughout this arduous process is that, although no small task, justice is always worth the price paid for its pursuit. You see, in spite of the fact that the verdicts didn’t go in our favor, there have been many gains throughout this journey to ensure that what happened to Freddie Gray never happens to another person that comes into contact with police.”

At a news conference held around 1 p.m., Lt. Gene Ryan of the Fraternal Order of Police said “justice has been done.”

“Our union will continue to support our officers during their administrative hearings and believe these good officers will be returned to fulfilling their duties with the Baltimore City Police Department and serving the citizens of Baltimore City. The men and women of the Baltimore Police Department are extremely dedicated to serving the citizens of Baltimore every day. The comments made today about our officers by Ms. Mosby were outrageous and uncalled for.”

Defense Attorney Ivan Bates, who represents Sgt. Alicia White, also spoke at the FOP conference. All of the six officers charged in the Freddie Gray case and their legal representatives were in attendance, although none of the officers spoke.

“Baltimore, it’s time to heal,” Bates said.

“Anytime there’s a incident like this, it’s always a sad time when a family loses anyone’s son. But we also have to recognize that on May 1, 2015, that’s when the nightmare began for all these officers. And that is when we saw the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City walk down the steps and announce to the world the charges, announce to the world what they felt and what they wanted the evidence to be.”

Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts tells our media partner The Baltimore Sun that City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is “in over her head” and has added more flaws to a broken justice system by prosecuting innocent officers.

“She’s immature, she’s incompetent, she’s vindictive and that’s not how the justice system is supposed to work,” former Baltimore police commissioner Anthony W. Batts said on Wednesday. “The justice system is supposed to be without bias for police officers, for African Americans, for everyone.”

From an event in Florida, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump even reacted to the news.

“I think she ought to prosecute herself,” he said of Mosby. “I think it was disgraceful what she did, and the way she did it.”

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