Sunday, July 17, 2016

GOP Diversity

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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This morning I had the blessed opportunity to participate in a picnic in Orange County where conservative leaders in the Republican Party in the Southern California region met, visited, networked, and ate a fantastic meal.  Among the new friends I met with was Los Angeles mayoral candidate William Rodriguez Morrison.  He made a comment about a video I had on my website he viewed yesterday - we've been in touch online for a while.  The video showed BlackLivesMatter hammering on a Fox News Reporter because, either he was with Fox, or he was white, or both.

The racial division caused by the Obama administration, and the divisive narrative being pushed by the Democrats has the country in chaos.  The Democrats, after all, believe in pure democracy - which is mob rule, which becomes mob-violence.  They use accusations of racism to fuel the violence, a move that in its own right is racist.  Donald Trump was never considered racist until he decided to run against Democrats.  The Democrats have separated the various people of this country into groups, dividing them, and then setting them against each other.  The very policies of the Democrats are racist.  They say that Voter ID laws are racist and mirror Jim Crow laws, yet what they are really saying is that they think minorities are too dumb or incapable of getting identification.  The Democrats claim they are helping the poor with their welfare programs, as they send a message that they think those receiving the "benefit" are not capable of taking care of themselves. . . as the programs break up families because the welfare check replaces dad.  The abortion industry the Democrats support was started by a eugenicist named Margaret Sanger who viewed minorities as "human weeds."  The abortion clinics of the country targets minorities.  In New York City more black babies are aborted than born each year.  The abortion industry has killed 40 million black babies, and the number is growing.  Has the Democrats considered that their murder of black babies through abortion could also be seen as a kind of genocide?

Meanwhile, Republicans are labeled as automatically being racist, and in the media he GOP is portrayed as racist and against diversity.

Yet, at today's picnic I dined with conservatives from all over Southern California, of many different backgrounds both racially and ethnically.  I made new friends who were Asian, black, Hispanic, white, and a few who I really wasn't sure what they were. . . not that it mattered.  The diversity at the Republican picnic was beyond anything you'd ever see put on by the Democrats.

To be honest, race, color or ethnicity never really crossed my mind.  Sure, as a human being we recognize when folks have different attributes than our own, and we are forced to talk about race and ethnicities because the Democrats are constantly hammering on the issues, but in truth today none of those differences between any of us really mattered.  We were all conservatives who love our country, appreciate our constitution, and want to work to defeat the big government tyranny being pushed by the Democrat Party.

Amazingly, no Democrat voter will believe the existence of the diversity I experienced today at the GOP picnic - and if they did, they would call those who are considered "minorities" to be sell-outs.

For whatever reason, seeking freedom is seen as a sign of rebellion and should be rejected.

Personally, I like the rebellious label.  The Founding Fathers, after all, when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, were rebelling against tyrannical big government - and if you know your history, the American Revolutionaries were quite a hodge-podge of folks with various, diverse backgrounds.

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