Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary V.P. - Old White Guy Establishment Tim Kaine

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The 2016 Presidential Campaign is practically a tie between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. . . so to make sure Trump takes the lead, Clinton chose Tim Kaine as her running mate.

The choice reveals Hillary Clinton's arrogance about her confidence in this presidential race.  Tim Kaine is a "safe" pick, but not a pick that Clinton will pick up any voters with.  She's not concerned, so why would she make an exciting pick?  About the only benefit in picking Kaine for Hillary's running-mate is that it might help her pick up the swing-State, Virginia.

Kaine is a white, male Democrat political insider who is a bit to the right on a handful of issues.  He served as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 until 2011, in addition to stints as Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Virginia after beginning his political career as the Mayor of Richmond.

Was Hillary thinking picking Kaine may get her the conservative Democrats who were considering running to Trump?  It sure wasn't a good pick to grab a hold of any of the Bernie supporters.

We are in an anti-establishment environment.  Brexit was an example of that.  Trump winning the GOP ticket is an example of that.  Bernie Sanders' popularity is an example of that.  Bernie is a far-left anti-establishment candidate, and for her V.P. pick, Hillary picked a not-so-left, considerably moderate (compared to her) establishment guy.  It was almost like she was trying to poke Bernie supporters in the eye.

Trump, during his acceptance speech, made a play for those disenchanted Bernie voters. . . pointing out that like Sanders, he's the anti-establishment guy.

The question is, how many Bernie Sanders' sheep are so angry at the establishment, and Hillary, that they are willing to go for Trump?  A third of them?  I am willing to bet a third will still be willing to vote for Hillary, too.  As for that last third, they will either stay home, or go independent.

In other words, when it comes to Bernie fans, in the end it really doesn't matter.

What is working in Trump's favor is that his message is pretty conservative.  Whether or not he completely believes his language is another matter.  But, I believe over 60% of this country is conservative, whether they know it or not, and those folks are attracted to that message.  So, in pure numbers, electorally, Trump is the winner. . . the question is: will it be enough votes to overcome the election fraud the Democrat Party will engage in (as they do every election)?

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