Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Law Enforcement Targeting Spills into Michigan Courthouse

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The anti-law enforcement sentiment created by the Obama administration, Democrat Party policies and rhetoric, and the racist Black Lives Matter movement, is making it more and more dangerous to be a member of any policing agency.  In Michigan, two bailiffs were shot and killed in a courthouse.  The shooter was inmate Larry Gordon, a 45 year old man in custody having his day in court.  Gordon got into a fight with the deputy while being escorted from a cell for a courtroom appearance, and the two court bailiffs were killed when he broke loose and got his hands on an officer's gun.

I am wondering if the Democrats next will start screaming that law enforcement needs to be disarmed, too.

According to the report, authorities had "no warning signs" that the suspect would be violent. Kind of like peaceful moderate Muslims who suddenly become suicide bombers or mass murderers during a shooting spree.

The deputy was shot in the arm.  Before it was all over, Gordon took hostages for a short period before trying to leave through another door. The inmate then was fatally shot "by two other bailiffs who came to render aid, along with several other officers.

"He was trying to escape," the sheriff said.

The incident occurred just days after five Dallas police officers were killed by a sniper, and amid a wave of violence and threats against law enforcement officers around the country.

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