Friday, July 22, 2016

Munich, Germany Shopping Center Shooting

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

At the Munich Olympia Shopping Center in Germany a mass shooting has led to multiple deaths.  At this point, the exact number of dead is not available.  Police are estimating a large number of casualties.  The second attack in Germany in a matter of days, the first an ax attack on a train, this shooting reminds us how even in a country with very strict gun control laws the bad guys have access to guns.

Update: Police believe there may be three shooters.  Growing panic as shooters remain on the loose, and on the run.

Update: At Least Six People Reported as Killed.

Update: One shooter used handgun on the street outside McDonald's at a Shopping Mall in Munich.  Another used a handgun from top of parking structure.

Update: Gunmen are still on the loose.

Update: Police say terror attack is suspected, may be connected to refugees coming into the country.

Update: Unconfirmed reports of further violence at City Center, as well.

Update: At least nine people were killed.  21 hurt.  Police searched for attackers, thinking there might be three, and found a man who had killed himself on a side street near Olympia shopping mall. Based on surveillance video and witness statements, police concluded he was the sole gunman.  Attacker was determined to be an 18-year-old Iranian immigrant in Munich for at least two years.  Children are among the dead.  16 people remain hospitalized.
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