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Muslim Invasion: Feds Complicit

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Make no mistake, Islam has declared war on The West.  Islam intends to do everything in its arsenal to bring down The West, and dominate the world.  Islam is a totalitarian ideology, and has become so good at deception that the entire world is bowing to get out of the way so as to let Muslims invade their country in the open.  Are there such thing as moderate Muslims? I wonder.  Even if the illusive moderate Muslim truly existed, they are about as effective as the Germans were during the reign of the Third Reich.  To speak out against the Nazis meant death.  In a Muslim country to speak out against Islam means death.

What I have written here is not bigotry, nor is it racism.  Like all tyrannies before it, Islam means to destroy, to reshape the world order, and to dominate over all of those who dare to oppose them.  Be not fooled.  We are at war.  Our side just hasn't decided to realize it, yet.

During World War II, while we fought the axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) the United States Government prohibited the immigration of Germans, Italians, or Japanese.  We made that decision as a country not because we were insensitive, nor because we were bigoted racists, but because we had to for national security.  Simply put, we could not tell the good from the bad.

In war, one of the enemy's greatest tools is infiltration.  In the case of Islam, the infiltration is accompanied by psychological warfare.  We are told widows and orphans are coming into the country, while the majority of young men ready for war.  Political Correctness silences dissent, makes us feel guilty for even considering that these poor people might be a part of an invading force.  We are told this is a humanitarian mission, while the enemy sleeps, eats and lives among us waiting for the opportunity to kill our people.  And who is enabling this?  Who is allowing the enemy into our country to kill our friends, children, and fellow Americans?

The White House is inhabited by a man, Barack Obama, who was raised Muslim, who has voiced his allegiance to Islam, and whose actions have shown us that he is sympathetic to Islam.  Need we search further?  Is not his actions treason against the United States?


Reporters working for Alex Jones' Infowars, despite having permission to film at the southern border from both border patrol, and local law enforcement, were detained and disarmed by federal wildlife officers, and then taken into custody.  They were released after two hours.  The reporters were told they would need to pay $230 each in order to receive their firearms back.

The confrontation and arrest occurred hours after a different episode in which a separate law enforcement group told the reporters that they would have to leave the border as well.

Govt 'Completing Smuggling Cycle' For Illegals...

During the Summer of 2014 a group of Murrieta, California residents stood against the federal government, turning away busloads of illegal aliens.  The hundreds of aliens were being processed through a border patrol facility in Murrieta designed to handle 25 persons at a time.  The facility was built with the purpose to serve as a holding facility for hardened illegal aliens who were drug cartel members, as they were being processed to be deported from the country.  City officials were not even advised of what was going on by the federal government, and was given no say in it.  The buses turned around by the Murrieta residents in early July of 2014 were full of sick people, with not one of them being disease-free.  The diseases included chagas, scabies, hand-foot-and-mouth, and tuberculosis.

While I was on Fox News I explained that I believe Murrieta was chosen because of its conservative demographic.  The Obama administration is trying to dilute the opposition by inserting people they believe are destined to be Democrat Party voters down the road.  The push to get cities to build "affordable housing" through intimidation by the Housing and Urban Development Department, under the guidance of hard left crony Julian Castro, is also a part of this plan to turn red areas "purple".

A U.S. Border Patrol agent calls the insertion of illegal aliens into the United States a "smuggling cycle."  The federal government, according to Hector Garza, is “completing the smuggling cycle” by bringing unaccompanied minors into the country “for free.”  On Fox News he said that the U.S. government’s complicity with allowing tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children into the country is finishing the smuggling process for criminal enterprises bringing the children up from Central America and Mexico.

“Why would anyone want to hire a smuggler when the U.S. government is actually doing it for free?” Garza told Fox. “We apprehend [unaccompanied minors] we process these illegals and then release them to their family members in the U.S…we just completed that smuggling cycle.”

Garza said that the U.S. is giving illegal immigrants who are not from Mexico a “free pass” into the country.

He noted that Border Patrol “resources are running dry and morale is at a very low level” due to the strain of the influx of unaccompanied minors and violence stemming from drug cartel violence prevalent along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Obama Joint Effort With Corporations Can Resettle Refugees LIMITLESSLY...

The Obama Administration is working with corporations to make it so that they can import Muslim "refugees" without any limits.  The joint venture with private businesses enables the government to circumvent their cap of 85,000 total refugees.

The fifteen corporations working with the Obama administration on the effort are: Accenture, Airbnb, Chobani, Coursera, Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, JPMorgan Chase & Co., LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mastercard, UPS, TripAdvisor, and Western Union. The Call to Action initiative is not only to help refugees in the United States, but all over the world.

Without limit, the federal government is importing the enemy, allowing them to infiltrate and invade our home soil.  But, they can dismiss them as not being refugees (keep the "official" number lower) because these Muslim invaders being brought in via the corporations will be entering through work and education visas so that they will not actually be considered as refugees for their immigration status. Chobani currently has a work force in the United States that is roughly 30 percent resettled refugees.
Under the “enablement” part of the initiative, the White House says companies can help refugees get access to financial services, technology, housing and transport. This also includes “covering costs of charter flight to bring resettled refugees to the United States (or to another country of resettlement).”
“These refugees will be coming outside the refugee resettlement program so they would not be counted under the government cap of 10,000. These ‘alternative legal pathways or sponsorships’ will be under employment visas, training, student visas and scholarships, visiting scholars etc,” Nayla Rush, senior researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Daily Caller.
Rush added, “remember, the aim is to bring as many Syrian refugees as possible. 10,000 is the limit this [Fiscal Year] under the refugee resettlement program. No limit to these ‘private sponsorships’, more importantly, to traceability.”

At a United Nations summit on September 20, Obama is going to push for “double the number of resettlement slots and alternative legal pathways for admission that are available to refugees, and increase the number of countries accepting significant numbers of refugees.”

Muslim camps spread in USA...

In an attempt to make Muslims in the United States more comfortable and "proud of who they are," Muslim camps are popping up around the United States.  .

A camp started four years ago had the aim, according to the founder, to getting fasting Muslim kids off the couch during the holy month of Ramadan, and into activities that were both creatively stimulating and unifying.

So began Camp Ramadan — a week-long camp at the end of the month, where kids can fast together while also doing activities.

The Next Wave Muslim Initiative rented the Washington Waldorf School in Bethesda for the week of camp.

Camp Tawheed in Michigan offers jet ski tubing, soccer, tennis and Koranic study. At the weekend summer camp offered by the Qalam Institute in Dallas, campers can play dodgeball, roast s’mores and participate in group prayer. And at Camp Deen, a week-long sleep-away camp in Ontario that was founded in 1972, campers learn how to hike, fish and avoid bears, while slumbering each night beneath the pines in cabins named after the famous men and women of Islam.

At Camp Ramadan, the final day’s assembly came to a close with the teenagers’ unveiling of an “Eid Mubarak” — a blessed holiday — mural that they painted with the blended styles of traditional Arabic calligraphy and spray paint graffiti.

Tuberculosis is on the rise in the United States thanks to illegal aliens and Muslim refugees. In Vermont, three cases have been discovered.  A spokesperson for the Vermont Department of Health says “three refugees [have been] diagnosed with TB in Vermont over the past seven months.”

One case was diagnosed in December 2015, and the other two cases were diagnosed in 2016.

No one other than a refugee has been diagnosed with active TB in Vermont during the first six months of 2016, the spokesperson adds.

The stunning admission comes after Breitbart News reported that the number of active TB cases in Vermont tripled from two in 2014 to seven in 2015.

The current rate of active TB among resettled refugees in Vermont is approximately 250 times greater than it is among the general population of the state.
'REFUGEE' CRISIS: Majority 'Unemployable'...

In Europe, the claim is that Muslim immigration is needed to fill jobs.  However, the majority of the incoming migrants are unemployable.  While the German government, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Deutsche Bank predicted the migrants would be an economic boon for the country, in reality, it has been a drain on the country because few are employed, and the majority are dependent upon local welfare systems.

In a survey by the Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, most of the top 30 companies on the German stock exchange (DAX) said they were unable to employ any of the new arrivals. The companies said migrants lacked the necessary qualifications needed to fill any of their roles.

Although the companies surveyed employ four million workers, FAZ reported that between them, they had only hired 54 migrants.

Fifty of these are employed by the German post office, and the vast majority of top German companies hired none at all.

Research shows at least two thirds of migrants can’t read or write.

Well, if the Muslim refugees aren't there to work, why would they be coming into the country in such large numbers?

They are not immigrants.  They are invaders.

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