Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nice, France scene of Terrorism: 80 Dead

By Douglas V. Gibbs

A truck crashed into a crowd in a terror attack in Nice, France, killing at least 30 people (update: Number is now up to 80 dead).  People fled in panic during the terror attack, and officials are working with local police to seek information that may help reveal the motive behind the attack on the Bastille Day celebration in Nice.  This writer will not be surprised if Islamic Jihad is tied to the attack.

Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, has sent her support to the people of Nice.  “On behalf of all Parisians, all of our fraternal support [goes] to the people of Nice. Our cities are united.”

Local television outlets are reporting the death toll may be as high as 60 people dead (update, now number is up to 80).

The truck was reportedly travelling at 60-70km per hour when it plowed into the crowd of celebrators.

At first some of the people at the celebration thought the sounds were from fireworks.  The blood on the streets, however, told a different story.  After the attack, the scene looked like a war zone, with bodies lying everywhere.

One witness also said that after the truck drove into the crowd, a man emerged with a gun and started shooting.  Remember, France is a gun-free zone with strict gun control laws.

After the "absolute chaos" was over, local law enforcement advised locals to ‘stay indoors.’

The truck, it is being reported, was trying to run over anyone who tried to run away.

The area around the Promenade is full of hotels and restaurants, which were all packed at the height of the holiday season.

Police, after the incident, shot dead the driver of the vehicle.

France is still under a State of Emergency following last year’s attacks on Paris, when almost 150 people were murdered by Islamic State and Al-Qaeda operatives.

Bastille Day, which celebrates the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris during the French Revolution of 1789, is the country’s biggest public holiday.
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