Friday, July 22, 2016

The Unlikely President

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
I missed Donald Trump's acceptance speech last night.  I was speaking to a Tea Party group about the Constitution, and the strategies those who oppose the Constitution are waging against our American System.  So, this morning I got up and found Mr. Trump's speech online.  As I viewed and read the transcript of Donald Trump's speech to accept the nomination as the Republican Candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election this morning, I got to thinking about how early in this campaign season just about everybody was saying a Trump nomination was very unlikely.  Politico said there was no doubt it would be Hillary versus Jeb Bush.  Across the pond they assured us that Donald Trump would not win the nomination.  CNN carefully explained that an analysis found that Trump only had a 1% chance to win the nomination.

It turns out the experts were grossly wrong.

These are the same experts, by the way, who are also saying that Trump can't beat Hillary Clinton in the General Election . . . yet, Trump's numbers keep climbing.

Early on I was a Scott Walker supporter.  Walker is a strong conservative who carries a huge amount of testicular fortitude that few Republican politicians in this day and age seem to be able to muster.  Walker took on the labor unions in Wisconsin, and won.  He took on the hordes of Democrats trying to force him out of office with a recall vote, and won.  And he did all this while articulating, and applying, conservative principles. . . in a blue State.  Walker was out of the race for the White House early.  Now, I'd love to see Scott Walker as the Labor Secretary.

As the candidates were fighting tooth and nail, and the early dropouts rolled out of the picture, the experts said a Trump nomination was very unlikely.  I have to admit, I was not necessarily a Trump fan.  Of the original 17, he was number 15 on my list. . . barely ahead of Kasich and Christie.  Yet, here he is.  Donald Trump, last night, not only accepted the nomination as the Republican nominee for President of the United States, but he achieved it in record fashion - with more votes than any candidate for the GOP in history, shattering the record by 1.4 million votes.

The Democrats are lashing out, calling Trump and his running mate Mike Pence, "Small, insecure, weak men."  They have to call their opponents nasty little names because the Democrats are incapable of winning an argument if they focus on policy and ideas.  The Democrats are waging a Marxist revolution, and they do not want you to notice.

During Mr. Trump's speech, I did not hear insecurity or weakness.  Trump is a strong figure.  That is part of the reason he is leading the GOP into the November election.  He's willing to say the things the wimps of the Republican Party are too fearful to say.

I just hope that Trump is being honest, and that he surrounds himself with people who knows the authorities of the federal government.

That said, Mr. Trump is not the perfect candidate.  He has a good deal of flaws that may become problematic during his presidency, should he win in November.  But, first of all it's our job to make sure he stays on track, it is important that Congress acts as it should as the check against the President, and lastly, even with all of his flaws, Mr. Trump is not the Marxist who hates the America System we know as Hillary Clinton.  I will take Mr. Trump.  Flaws and all.

I truly believe that Mr. Trump loves America.  I believe he wants to make America Great Again.  I also agree he is a man with a huge ego as his opposition claims. . . but isn't that kind of confidence in oneself necessary to take on such a huge job such as President of the United States?

Let's not confuse Mr. Trump's confidence with Obama's arrogance, by the way.

Obama does for himself, Mr. Trump wants to do for America.  In many way, Mr. Trump is also a humble man.  I think he realizes the monumental task ahead of him, and that he can't do it all by himself.  So far, beginning with Pence, Mr. Trump is doing as most successful businessmen do. . . he is surrounding himself with a good team.

Henry Ford was once asked about his success, and how he got where he was, and Ford responded, "I surrounded myself with people smarter than me, and did what they told me to do."

I hope Trump is of the same mindset.

By the way, if Mr. Trump needs an adviser regarding the United States Constitution, I am available.

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