Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Violent Overthrow of Herr Fuhrer Trump

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The amazing thing about the propaganda against Donald Trump is that all of it is founded on absolutely no evidence.  Did you notice that Trump was never considered a racist until he was willing to put an "R" after his name, and run against Democrats?  The most amazing part of it all is how far the liberal left democrats are willing to take the rhetoric.  It's almost as if they believe their own bullshit.

A case in point is an article in the Los Angeles Times by Jamie Kirchick where the writer's hate for Donald Trump, and fear that he may be the next Adolf Hitler, is so fierce that Mr. Kirchick suggests there should be a military coup staged against future President Donald Trump.  In fact, Mr. Kirchick does not only suggest that a military coup should be considered, but he argues in his article that one would be absolutely necessary.

In his explanation why a military coup against a Trump presidency would be necessary, Mr. Kirchick cites the example of the recent failed coup in Turkey as a source of inspiration.

During the recent Independence Day Parade in Temecula, I marched holding up a "Hillary for Prison 2016" sign, and a couple liberal lefties approached me afterward accusing me of being "inappropriate," and one even suggested that my actions teetered on "sedition."  Yet, suggesting that a violent overthrow of President Trump isn't?

Patriotism is love of country, not love of government. . . or at least love of government when your regime is in place.

The Hitleric references regarding Mr. Trump are also made up with absolutely no evidence.  In fact, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama more closely resemble Hitler than Trump ever could.  Remember, Hitler's policies were government controlled health care, gun control, and more government control over local issues.

Kirchick argues that Trump is an authoritarian type of character.  The media has been doubling down by calling him a "nationalist" candidate in an attempt to tie him to "Nazism," which is National Socialism (nationalism).

The LA Times writer is figuring that being rough on terrorists using methods to save lives that the Democrats consider to be torture should be reasonably ignored by military personnel, and that it would lead to resistance by force.

I wonder if Mr. Kirchick believes a President Hillary Clinton could be trusted with the military. . . you know, considering her stellar history with classified national security information in emails.

Kirchick suggests that if the voters somehow find a way to vote Mr. Trump into the White House, that a violent military coup may be the only solution to save our country from catastrophe.  “Trump is not only patently unfit to be president, but a danger to America and the world. Voters must stop him before the military has to.”

Could you imagine if a conservative writer or host on Fox News, One America News, The Blaze, or NewsMax said that there should be a military coup to overthrow Obama, or Hillary Clinton if she were to somehow win the 2016 presidential election?  They'd be thrown into the gulag, or at least a Democrat Party version of the gulag.

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