Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We are Clinton, Resistance is Futile

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Welcome to the Clinton Collective, where everything, and I mean everything, is covered up and fixed up and scrubbed away for the Clinton Crime Family by their adoring mindless automatons.  Even when Hillary Clinton was in what could have become a medical emergency (seizure-like/see video below) the media surrounding her laughed and acted as if nothing wrong was going on.

The reality is that the Democrats can't even fill the convention hall in Philadelphia.  Every single Trump Rally has been packed.  Republicans are ready to dislodge the giant blackhead of progressive liberal left Democrat madness from our American complexion, and squeeze out the Marxist puss the Democrats represent.

I'll wait while you compose yourself after that image I just provided.

Sure, I am not a huge Trump fan.  Of the original 17, he was number 15 on my list.  But, compared to the absolute evil that Hillary Clinton represents, I will take Mr. Trump every day of the week.  Besides, he's surrounding himself with some good people.  While some people might call people like Mike Pence a sell-out for daring to join Trump, I think a conservative like Pence deciding to join the Trump team is being very wise.  The first thing Trump needs is to be surrounded by true conservatives.  Heck, I've even been offering my services as a constitutionalist, but to no avail.

Hillary Clinton, in the meantime, can't even fill the arena where the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia is being held at.

Are you ready for this?

Really?  The Democrats are advertising for actors to be paid $50 to fill seats at the convention. . . "You will be required to cheer at all times". . .

Why do they need to create a perception that the room is full?  Everybody knows if you cross the Clintons, you'll simply die an untimely death.  Just ask FBI Director Comey.

So, while the Democrats and the media are acting like everything is normal...and she tried to play it off with her drink...

The reality is the campaign and Hillary is becoming unhinged.  Could her seizure-like bouncing be a reaction to all of the medications she is on?

They are cornered.  They know they are in trouble.

Worried that the great Queen Hillary Clinton might suddenly be in trouble against an advancing Trump campaign, President Barack Obama has cleared much of his October schedule to campaign for his former rival.

Desperation is setting in. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is pressuring TV stations across the country to stop airing an anti-Clinton political ad sponsored by the pro-Trump super-PAC Rebuilding America Now.

The campaign claims the ad, titled “Outsourcing,” is “directly contracted by evidence in the public record.”

The ad claims Clinton went to India and talked up outsourcing — and then received a donation from Indian politician Amar Singh of up to $5 million in 2008.

The Clinton campaign contends that the donation was made in a different year.

A lawyer for Rebuilding America Now, Cleta Mitchell, said the political ad “is well within the scope of important public discourse.”

In the State of Virginia, Governor McAuliffe is doing all he can to make sure felons can vote, even by circumventing the Virginia Supreme Court ruling against him, and issuing 200,000 Clemency Grants.

On the environmentalist front, there is a huge push to legally punish people who dare to disagree with the Democrats on their man-made Climate Change hoax. . . and the environmentalism ties the attorney generals behind this madness have is incredible.  They are also working to criminalize any dissent regarding sexual behavior.

Yet, despite all of the corrupt attempts to stop Trump, silence conservatives, and with the media swearing up and down The Donald has no chance, Trump has pulled ahead in the polls.

So much for the NeverTrump Crowd claiming that a Trump nomination guarantees a Clinton win.

The danger is deeper than mere leftism.  Hillary Clinton is a part of more than a mere Marxist Revolution from within to topple the American System.  The fact that her V.P. pick Tim Kaine has connections to radical Islam and the fact that she has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood should tell you this is about more than power - - - it is about the destruction of America.

The wild animal is cornered.  What do you think Hillary and her allies will do next?

Comply, or be targeted.  She is Hillary Clinton.  Resistance is futile.

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