Friday, July 01, 2016

Yahoo! News Doubles Down on Leftist Racism Narrative

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Talk about creative messaging.

The liberal left has convinced their uninformed automatons that all Republicans are racist, all conservatives are racist, all Trump supporters are racists, and all whites except non-liberal Democrat Party loyalists are racists.  They've received a lot of help with creative media coverage.  I saw one report on a local television station where they were discussing the violence at Trump rallies, of which nearly all of the violence has been caused by left-wing Democrat Party supporters (who, in many cases, were shipped in and paid), but the first video image was of a Trump supporter defending himself. . . however, creative editing made it look like the Trump supporter was the aggressor.  I had already seen the full video before the newscast, and picked up on the selective editing immediately.

Then, we've got Yahoo's news page I have a screenshot of up above.  Top-center, the biggest headline, is respected football coach Mike Ditka rejecting Trump's RNC invitation (and then in bold it says "joins growing list of athletes").  NFL athletes are mostly black, and we are led to believe that if the black athletes won't go, and Ditka has joined their ranks, it must be because Ditka doesn't want to be around all that racism.  And in case you don't pick up on that narrative, all of the rest of the headlines below it will lead you to the "racism" conclusion.

Then we have the four under Ditka, in a peculiar order.  "BET speech 'an attack on white people.'"  Stacey Dash made the accusation, but it must be false from the point of view of Yahoo's readers, because we know all white people are all racist. . . because right after the BET it says "Ku Klux Klan dreams of rising again."  Then, attached to the racism message Yahoo! is trying to support are two headlines of Trump.  No need to read them, because we all know Trump is racist, right?  Never mind that the left never considered him a racist until he decided to get into politics, and then run against Democrats.  But, just in case you do decide to read the headlines of the Trump stories, they read "Cities bill Trump for high-cost rallies," and "Trump makes awkward 'Mexican plane' joke."

Okay, with all of the racism already in front of us, the uninformed reader will figure the cities are billing Trump for high-cost rallies because of all of his alleged racist remarks. It couldn't possibly be the fault of the protesters, right?  Then, just in case you doubt he's a racist, the next headline tries to serve as evidence: "Trump makes awkward 'Mexican plane' joke".  Yeah, based on the headline, no need to read the article.  It says it all, right?  Trump is making Mexican jokes, so he must be a racist against Mexicans. . . not that there was any doubt by the leftists, since he wants to build that wall, and all.

Then, just to hammer home the racist message, below all of the racism narrative boxes is a headline that reads: "Woman Crowned 'Miss Hitler 2016' at Disturbing Neo-Nazi Pageant".  Yeah, big news for the front page about something that didn't even happen in the United States.  How convenient that it is right under the stuff that is there to convince you the whole damn world has gone racist!  Could it possibly be there to remind the readers once again the leftist Yahoo! News narrative, "white people are racist"?

What we see on Yahoo's page is a blatant attempt to lead the narrative, to lead the reader into believing the ridiculous racist accusations made by the Democrat Party.  Yahoo is trying to do their part.  The media as a whole is guilty.  They are doing everything they can, with special tactics and creative positioning of stories as we see in the image above, to keep the "all republicans are racists," "Trump is racist," "all non-democrat whites are racist" narrative alive and well.


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