Friday, August 05, 2016

Europe's Rise of the People Too Late Against Muslim Scourge

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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As the violence in Germany, and the rest of Europe, continues to skyrocket, with Muslim terror, it seems, emerging in the news daily, the reality is that the people are beginning to see the truth, while the leadership continues to deny, deny, deny.  After suffering four attacks in one week, Germans are angry and protesting. . . and any support for Prime Minister Angela Merkel is plunging.  As Europe is flooded with a flood of young, male sex-starved refugees, the sex attacks, and the violent attacks, are increasing.  Sharia is being demanded.  Stop dressing European, is the message to women, or you run the risk of being raped or sexually harassed by a Muslim refugee.

However, the politicians refuse to admit their mistake (or they are in cahoots with the Muslim invasion) with ridiculous laws and actions if anyone dares to offend a poor, overly sensitive Muslim.  In Germany, in fact, a man faces prosecution for 'insulting' the Munich terrorist.  Thomas Salbey, 57, saw the shooting happening from his balcony in the Bavarian capital on July 22, and in an attempt to stop 18 year old Ali Sonboly from further slaughtering people, he swore at the shooter as he was standing in a car park below.

Sonboly shouted at him: "I am a German."

Footage of the feisty exchange went viral as thousands praised Mr Salbey for standing up to the deluded teenager.

"All I had was a beer bottle to throw at him, but if I had a gun I would have shot him in the head," said Salbey.

Salbey is now facing charges for standing up to the killer who shot himself in the head.

In France, which continues to cancel festive events, the percentage of the population that is Muslim is even higher than that in Germany.  The scares are happening more often, and there are more no-go zones in France.  There has even been a scare at Eiffel Tower.

Italy has also been under attack with the flow of refugees.  In fact, a Jihadist trafficking gang has been busted in Italy.  Italy's location across the Meditterainian See from Libya makes it a popular target.

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