Friday, August 12, 2016

Explosion in Maryland Theorized as Another DNC Staffer Hit

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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An explosion at an apartment complex in Silver Spring, Maryland has spawned a number of theories.  One theory suggests that the explosion was the result of an Islamic terrorist attack.  Another suggests that yet another DNC Staffer is dead.  The latter, without saying it, proposes that another information leak was found in the DNC, and to protect from further information going out to someone like Assange of Wikileaks, a hit was conducted to take out this individual who was likely a DNC staffer.
One source CTN spoke with said that 5 to 7 people are still considered to be missing, and it is believed that a long-time DNC staffer may be among the group.  The Internet immediately lit up with the reports.  “No bodies have been identified at this time,” the police chief told surrounding media.  “It is very likely that DC staffers, including political types, live in this building.”
Could the Clinton Crime Family be that sinister, and bold?

At this point, however, the "DNC Staffer is Dead" narrative is nothing more than a theory since none of the bodies of the dead have been identified yet.

The facts are this:

A massive explosion rocked Silver Spring, Maryland apartment complex.  Two are dead (possibly three), and a hundred residents have been displaced.  It was a three-alarm fire that blasted people's belongings out onto the street.  More than 30 people were transported to the hospital.  The cause remains unknown.  Five to seven persons remain unaccounted for (number of missing is not fixed).  Now, the building is a collapse hazard.  150 firefighters responded to the call.

Coincidentally, in an unrelated story, an attorney who was found dead on his bathroom floor had just served the DNC with a lawsuit.

Could the Democrat Party be even worse than the mafia?  Are they willing to kill to protect Hillary?

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Anonymous said...

Meh. I doubt it.
Knowing that part of Silver Springs
(and its inhabitants...),
it's more likely a meth lab gone awry.

Wise Conservatism said...

Thanks for this article Doug. I think that a link to your blog brings these in there. I will check. If it didn't, I will definitely add it.