Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Electoral Troubles

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Have you ever completely ignored a judge's order?  Hillary Clinton has. The headline read:

And, yes, Hillary Clinton has refused to follow the judge's order.  What would happen if you or I did such a thing?  What if we did even half the corrupt things the Clinton Crime Family has done?  How long is the list of people killed associated with them, now?

In this election, news about Clinton's illegal activities, and the fact that she and her husband Bill are pathological liars, is being ignored.  The media tries to make it look like Trump has no chance, the election in 2016 is not necessary, and that Trump is so unpopular that the Republicans are at risk of losing the Senate because of him.

The media is lying to you.

The only thing that can save Hillary's campaign is voter fraud because enough voters see what is going on with the Clinton Foundation in terms of political favors and absolute corruption, along with Hillary's remainder of a myriad of problems.  Fraud?  Am I saying the Democrats lie, cheat, and steal elections?  Does a bear . . . never mind.  You get the picture.

Just like we saw the Democrats pull in 2012 when Romney beat Obama in the presidential election of that year.

In reality, the inside scoop is that the Clinton Campaign is collapsing, and they are in desperation mode.  People are watching as evidence is emerging, largely thanks to wikileaks, that Hillary Clinton is corrupt, and has been acting in a manner that would be considered treason if it were anyone else other than maybe Obama.  Wikileaks has confirmed Hillary's hands being in the cookie jar during an arms deal with ISIS.  Meanwhile, under Obama's watch, and really, the Democrat Party's watch, devastation and destruction is reigning supreme.

And along comes Donald Trump, saying he's the law and order candidate.  And people are taking notice.  Heck, he's even the only one out of the three (counting Obama and Hillary) who has visited the flooded areas of Louisiana, and is doing what he can to help.

What is Hillary Clinton trying to do to stem the bleeding of her electoral troubles?  She's seeking the illegal alien vote.

As for Obama, he's not happy with any of this.  King Obama, in fact, is saying he's being forced out of the White House.

Will the ruling class elites of the Democrat Party find a way to keep their iron fist in Washington D.C.?  Or will a President Donald Trump receive the opportunity to prove all of the Never Trump folks wrong?

Stay Tuned.  November is right around the corner.

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