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House Probe: U.S. Intel on ISIS Manipulated to put ISIS in more favorable light

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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It's bad enough that the political class and leftist media is doing all it can to hide the connection of Islam to terrorism, and hammer on anyone who dares to show Muslims in a less than favorable light.  But now, it is being discovered that the establishment is even trying to make sure ISIS is viewed in a favorable manner.

Do you still have any doubts that Islam has infiltrated the United States Government?

According to a probe by the House of Representatives, the intelligence community has been downplaying the threat of ISIS.  Perhaps they are trying to support Obama's narrative that the terrorist organization is only a J.V. Team.

From Fox News: Intelligence reports produced by U.S. Central Command that tracked the Islamic State’s 2014-15 rise in Iraq and Syria were skewed to present a rosier picture of the situation on the ground, according to a bombshell report released Thursday by a House Republican task force.

The task force investigated a Defense Department whistleblower's allegations that higher-ups manipulated analysts’ findings to make the campaign against ISIS appear more successful to the American public.

The report concluded that intelligence reports from Central Command were, in fact, “inconsistent with the judgments of many senior, career analysts.”
Further, the report found, “these products also consistently described U.S. actions in a more positive light than other assessments from the [intelligence community] and were typically more optimistic than actual events warranted.”

We already knew that Barack Obama lies (in fact, all democrats lie), the media lies, and the courts do what they can to be manipulative in the current political landscape. . . but now Central Command?

According to Fox News, Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., who was involved in the House report, said Thursday the data was clearly “manipulated.”
“They wanted to tell a story that ISIS was the JV, that we had Al Qaeda on the run,” he told Fox News. “This is incredibly dangerous. We haven’t seen this kind of manipulation of intelligence … in an awfully long time.”

Well, not since Vietnam, I am thinking.  Wait, was this kind of thing going on during the Clinton Presidency?  During Bush?  I can't believe it.  Are you trying to tell me that the government lies to us on just about everything?  (I am being facetious, of course)

It is unclear how high up the reports in question went, though the task force found “many” Central Command press releases, statements and testimonies were “significantly more positive than actual events” as well.

The joint task force report blamed “structural and management changes” at the CENTCOM Intelligence Directorate starting in mid-2014 for the intelligence products. Surveys provided to the task force, according to the report, showed 40 percent of analysts later claimed they “had experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence.”

The report also said senior leaders relied on details from coalition forces rather than “more objective and documented intelligence reporting,” using this as a rationale to change reports – sometimes “in a more optimistic direction.”

When this kind of thing happens, the first question must be "why?"  Are the leaders stupid?  Are they easily manipulated by the enemy?  Are they complicit with the enemy?  Have they been infiltrated by the enemy?  Yet, this is being treated by the press as a minor affair.  At what point does the obvious designation of "treason" get applied?

The Defense Department inspector general is now taking a close look at the findings – and looking for more possible whistle-blowers. The joint task force described its assessment released Thursday as an "initial report" and continues to investigate. 

As Seth Rich learned, being a source from the inside and delivering the truth can be deadly.

"The facts on the ground didn't match what the intelligence was saying out of the United States Central Command," Pompeo said.

The Pentagon did not comment in depth on the report, citing the ongoing IG investigation.

Here we go.  The federal government investigating the federal government.  "What?  The foxes guarding the hen house were eating the chickens?  That can't be so.  Let's have some foxes investigate the problem to see if it is true!"  How do you think it is going to turn out?

However, spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Patrick L. Evans said the intelligence community assessments are “based on multifaceted data related to the current security environment.”
“Experts sometimes disagree on the interpretation of complex data, and the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense welcome healthy dialogue on these vital national security topics,” he said in a statement.

So, when there is a disagreement the folks siding with the enemy prevail?

When the allegations initially surfaced last year, the White House insisted no one in the administration pressured anyone, and suggested blame may rest with the military.

Of course.  Obama and his cronies are never at fault for anything.

What did Saul Alinsky write in his Rules for Radicals?

"The organizer," wrote Alinsky, “should search for and use the wrong reasons to achieve the right goals. He should be able, with skill and calculation, to use irrationality in his attempts to progress to a rational world. For a variety of reasons the organizer must develop multiple issues…. Multiple issues mean constant action and life.”

Disruption of an orderly society lends to the narrative that something must be wrong, therefore a large government agency must fix it. The world, to the organizer, is full of bogeymen, be they the corporate wealthy, or right-wing politicians. Alinsky wrote: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

The Democrat Party, particularly during the Obama administration, has done exactly that. There has always been someone to blame, be it George W. Bush, greedy corporations, the wealthy, right-wing politicians, Tea Party racists, bitter clingers of guns and religion, or in this case the military.

There are no rules of engagement when it comes to the Marxist revolution being conducted by Obama and the Democrats - and when caught, as Dinesh D'Souza said in "Hillary's America", the Democrats simply "Deny, Deny, Deny."

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