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Islam's Internal Rules Nullifies Moderate Muslims

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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First, let's realize they are not refugees.  The Muslims coming to the West are largely comprised of invaders.

While Barack Obama has chided Republicans, asking if they fear widows and orphans, the facts say otherwise.  Pew Survey: 73% of Europe's refugees in 2015 were men.  In the United States in 2015, 68% of unaccompanied children were males. In fact for the last four years it has been 77%, 73%, 66%, and 68%.

My home of California is leading the charge.
Once Muslims are in whichever host country they have emigrated to, the internal rules take shape.  They don't have to be violent to be jihadists.  Overwhelming societies by numbers is also a part of jihad.  Hijrah is another name for "jihad by immigration."

The Muslim communities become dangerous to outsiders, and the Muslims do all they can to protect the jihad, including the internal rule of not turning fellow Muslims in to the police. . . for any reason.

This is a part of the answer to the question we are constantly asking.  "If there are moderate Muslims, why aren't they standing against the jihadists?  Why are they silent?"

The answer is simple.  Either they are Muslim, and therefore follow Sharia Law by not leading the police to fellow Muslims, or they are not Muslim, but are too fearful to say so.

It is a violation of Sharia (Islamic Law) to turn in fellow Muslims, even if they are violent, radical, dangerous terrorists.

Besides, non-violent Muslims committing jihad in other ways, such as increasing their numbers in host countries, are not necessarily offended by the violent jihadists.  Sharia demands them to be happy about violent terrorism, even if they must lie about their support.

"There is no indemnity for killing an apostate since it is killing someone who deserves to die." (o8.4)

As for those who consider themselves moderate, and are too fearful to exit from Islam, so they remain silent to remain alive; "To be sarcastic about any ruling of the Sacred Law (Sharia) or to deny that Allah intended the Prophet's message to be the religion followed by the entire world." [Ibid, o8.7 (19-20)]

It is a capital crime in Islam for Muslims to deny Sharia in any way. Islam is Sharia and Sharia is Islam.

Moderate, or not, the Muslim community in The West is not helping law enforcement at the local and federal level because it is unlawful under Sharia.

"Slander and talebearing are two of the ugliest and most frequently met with qualities among men...Slander means to mention anything concerning a person (Muslim) he would dislike." (Um Dat al Salik, r2.1-2.2)

Draw cartoons about Muhammad, based on Sharia, you must die.  Make movies about Islam?  You must die.  If you are Muslim and say otherwise. . . you must die.

Koran 49:12 specifically states "Do not slander (spy on) one another" and "Woe to whomever disparages others behind their back or in their face." (Koran 104:1)

For a Muslim, to stand against the terrorists, to say or do anything that could be considered to question Islam or the people who are carrying out violence in the name of Islam, is to give up paradise.

Mohammad said "The talebearer will not enter paradise" and "The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim. He does not betray him, lie to him, or hang back from coming to his aid."

Sharia defines "talebearing" as follows: "The reality of talebearing lies in divulging a secret, in revealing something confidential whose disclosure is resented." (Ibid, r3.1)

Sharia specifically identifies that (r7.0) "Giving Directions to Someone Who Wants to Do Wrong" is considered "Talebearing," and includes "showing the way to policemen."

No true follower of Islam can be trusted because submitting to Islam means obeying the Sharia of Allah.

Helping non-Muslims against the Muslim community is a death penalty.  Death is a convincing threat.  The threat of death is how the "moderate Muslims" are kept in line, keeping them silent, no matter who grave the violent threat by jihadist terrorists who are acting in the name of Islam.

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