Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Party Politics, Or Not

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Milwaukee is in chaos.  Louisiana is under water.  California is on fire.  New York is under authoritarian control.   And nobody seems to be happy with the choices they have to vote on in November.  I am good with the Republican Platform, but it seems many of the members of the GOP are not.

The Democrat Party is obsessed with gaining more power, and using government mandates to force you to act in the manner they want.  Their agenda is a full-frontal assault against Christian Conservatives.  Amidst the firestorm of liberal media speculation, the liberal left has assumed Hillary Clinton will win the election over Donald Trump when she can't even fill a living room full of honest emails.

When the you-know-what hits the fan for the liberal left they will claim they planned it that way, and that it's really the Republicans who are in trouble - or they will delete the emails and kill off a few staffers.

They aren't worried.  They've got the Muslim vote, the gay vote. . . oh, wait, gays are buying guns because of Muslim attacks.  Talk about a base that cannibalizes itself.

The poll numbers look great, but the Democrats can't seem to get their social media numbers up, nor can they K.O. Trump.  They aren't worried, though.  The real polls are in their favor. . . after a little voter fraud, and dead voting.

The Democratic National Convention began with Soviet Flags and Palestinian Flags, but not an American Flag in sight.  The scary part is that it's a step up from the last one in 2012 when they had to vote on if to keep God on their platform. . . amidst a heavy roar of "boo!"

Meanwhile, the scandals pile up. . . yet the media reports no scandals. We're not even sure which of the dopplegangers are at the microphone at Hillary's events.  It's either the shake and bake version, or one of the corrupt ones.

Trump is not Reagan, and I understand that, but thank God he's not a Kennedy, or a Kerry, or a liberal by any name (NeverTrump disagrees).  He may have been 15 on my original list of 17, but Hillary Clinton isn't even remotely close to ever being on the list.  I'll take the bumbling billionaire that may or may not know what he is doing over the liberal left communist who wants to destroy American every day of the week.

One thing that Trump does share with Reagan is the principle of leading us by choosing what he feels is best for the nation's overall security.  Islam has declared war on America, and we don't seem to be willing to admit it.

Hey, liberals. I have an idea. How about you learn how to debate the issues, make decisions that will protect America, and quit aligning yourselves with socialistic political agendas that are designed to undermine and destroy liberty and freedom?  What?  No?


I'm a republican not because I am a republican, but because of the two parties, it's the one closest to what I believe. . . usually.

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