Friday, August 12, 2016

Sausage Party Movie Slammed for Racist Humor

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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In today's politically correct society where the snowflakes are so sensitive that their delicate sensibilities can't handle a little humor, I am disgusted.  As I watch them run to their safe-zones, I realize that there is no way a film like Blazing Saddles would have been able to succeed in today's environment.

I've seen the trailers for Sausage Party, and it had me laughing.  Seth Rogan is not the greatest comic, he's raunchy, and a little on the juvenile side.  So be it.  Not my movie, necessarily.  The raunchy language and humor doesn't exactly have me rushing out to see the film, but if there are folks that find it funny, knock yourself out.  People need to quit being so damn touchy.

Personally, you can't offend me.  You can piss me off, but not offend me.  That said, when I criticize offensive material it's not because of what it is as much as the motive behind it.  The crucifix in a jar of urine was intended to try and offend Christians.  The taunts by Muslim athletes at the Olympics is intended to be threatening to the Jewish athletes.  Sausage Party was just an attempt to be funny, and used a little racial humor for the fun of it.  Does it rank among the most offensive?  Probably not.

Isn't that the point of humor?  To look at ourselves, and maybe exaggerate some of our shortcomings, and then laugh at it?

Bad movie?  Perhaps.  Not the greatest writing?  Could be.  Racially insensitive?  You betcha.

Get over it.  Suck it up.  Grow a pair. I am tired of the little snowflakes who are offended by anything and everything.

And just for fun, from Blazing Saddles:

Now that was funny.

Okay, one more.

You have to admit, Cleavon Little was an awesome sheriff.

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