Friday, August 19, 2016

Tonight I spoke to the Sons of the American Revolution chapter in Riverside

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Sons of the American Revolution have four chapters in Riverside County.  I was the speaker for the Riverside Chapter tonight.  Great crowd, full room, and a lot of fun.

I spent a little bit of time on the Declaration of Independence, and was heavy on the Constitution.  I explained we are not a Democracy, we are a Republic. . . and with that comes the work that goes along with keeping the Republic.

From Ben Franklin to James Madison to Thomas Jefferson to Elizabeth Powel. . . we went through the time period that brought us the Constitution, and then we spent some time on Article VI, Article I Section 9, Article I Section 1, and the Preamble.

Overall, fantastic group.  Can't wait to see if I have ancestors that fought in the American Revolution. . . so that I can become a member of the SAR.

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