Monday, August 08, 2016

Trump Supporter Shot After Political Argument

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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This is one of those "what if the tables were turned" scenarios.  The problem with shootings during the Obama administration would become nothing more than a minor itch that needs to be scratched every once in a while if Democrats would just quit going around shooting people.  All of the mass shooters have been either registered Democrats, or Muslim (which is essentially a Democrat Party ally).  Yet, the narrative put out by the mainstream media about the Tea Party and Conservative Republicans has been that those right-wing crazies are a bunch of gun-clinging domestic terrorists just waiting to snap.

What does the evidence say?

In the case of this shooting, which I am sure the mainstream media will try to give minimum coverage to (if at all), a man argued with another man at the local watering hole that Republican nominee Donald Trump would make a good president, and his opponent went home, got a gun, came back, and shot the Trump supporter in the leg.

Could you imagine if the person shot had been a Hillary supporter?  Every blooming television network would have carried it, including the sports channels, doing what they can to encourage gun control because we just can't trust those right-wing nuts with guns.  There would be no way you could miss the report about how one of those dangerous Republicans had shot a Democrat over political differences.

Except, the 60 year old man supports Donald Trump - and is likely a Republican.


To be honest, I'm stunned it was an Associated Press report, in the first place, that I located this story at.  Normally, the AP buries anything that doesn't support the Democrat leftist narrative.

The shooter was 45-year-old Darnell Hall, and the likely Democrat has been charged with felonious assault.

He appeared Saturday in Cleveland Municipal Court, where his bond was set at $15,000.

That's it?  $15,000?  Hell, if it had been a GOP voter doing the shooting, the bail would be $150,000.

Cleveland?  From the last presidential election in 2012 I thought there wasn't a single Republican in the Cleveland city limits.  That's what the returns indicated.

The shooting actually happened way back on July 25 at a bar in Cleveland.  After arguing politics, Hall went home, got his gun, and shot his Trump supporting victim in the leg.

According to testimony, the owner of the bar tried to stop Hall.  The defense attorney argued the bar owner trying to grab the gun caused the gun to fire one shot.

The gun's not going to fire unless the man's finger is on the trigger.  Guns are designed not to "accidentally" go off. That is a Democrat Party rumor that is untrue,  I don't put my finger on the trigger unless I plan to squeeze it, and the gun is not going to fire unless that trigger is squeezed.  So, the battle for the gun means nothing in the sense of whether or not the gun was going to be fired.  Hall intended to shoot his Trump supporting victim, and he squeezed the trigger so that he could accomplish that.  If it is true the bar owner tried to stop the gunman, in may have saved the victim's life by altering the trajectory of a possibly fatal path of the bullet.

The reality is, the shooter hates Trump, his victim is a supporter of Trump, so to the mainstream media this is a non-story.

Never mind.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

They are waiting for the "Republican shoots Hillary supporter" story.  In fact, they want the narrative that "the right-wing conservative republicans are the dangerous ones" to be supported by actual events so bad, they ignore what is really happening, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are considering manufacturing an occurrence where a Republican shoots a Hillary supporter.

It won't be the first time the Democrats throw up a false flag.

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