Thursday, September 08, 2016

9/11 Remembrance, Linfield High School

A local student, Junior in High School, put together a 9/11 Remembrance Event that has an incredible program planned. . .

Friday, 9:30-10:30 am, Linfield Christian School, 31950 Pauba Rd., Temecula

9/11 Remembrance presented by Satya Ath

Guest Speaker: Marc Thiessen

Marc Thiessen is a Fox News contributor, and was a speechwriter for United States President George W. Bush (2004-2009) and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (2001-2004), which is where many of you may have seen him before. When it comes to speaking about what happened September 11, 2001, he is uniquely qualified. Thiessen was in the Pentagon on 9/11, just a few corridors away from the impact zone when a plane slammed into the building. His first hand experience will undoubtedly be the focus of his talk to the crowd in Temecula on Friday, September 9. And, you are welcome to join us... for free. No tickets, no cost, just be there early.

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