Friday, September 02, 2016

Colin Kaepernick an Example of Consequences of Complacency

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Do you want to see who is at fault for idiots like Colin Kaepernick out there standing for anti-Americanism?  Look in the mirror.  We are all at fault.  We let this happen.  We have ceased to be informed, we have stopped teaching American values and principles to our children.  We have given up on stopping the liberal left and Islamic onslaught our country is currently being bombarded with.  We have let this happen.

Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the National Anthem, and show respect to the flag and those who have defended that flag, is a normal response for many of the members of the younger generations.  Their entire lives they have been fed a line of crap through the schools, through the media, through entertainment, and from the mouths of leftist Democrat politicians.  The deconstruction of American History has given them no evidence to the contrary.  The truth is no longer important.  The liberal left agenda is in control, now.

A lawyer once told me that in most legal cases, "You have to understand, it's not about the truth.  It's about money."  In the political realm, the same is true.  Truth means nothing.  Money, power, and political favors rule the day.  The liberal left agenda is anti-American, regardless of the truth about our history, or the prosperity associated with the free market system and liberty.  During the first day of the Democratic National Convention last July not a single American flag could be found in the crowd, nor on the walls (well, aside from the video boards, and the one brought out for the National Anthem).  However, in the crowd numerous communist and Palestinian flags could be found, no problem.  At both the 2008 and the 2012 DNC Convention hundreds of American Flags were dropped on the floor with the trash, and walked on as the delegates departed in the evening.  The same happened recently at a Hillary Clinton Rally.

The NFL football player for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, has every right and freedom to refuse to stand for the flag, or the National Anthem.  People have died to ensure he has that right.  There are servicemembers without legs who wish they could stand when Colin refused to.

At the 49ers final pre-season game, as Kaepernick knelt so as not to stand for the National Anthem, a teammate joined the quarterback with his own protest. 49ers Safety Eric Reid.  Chargers fans in a military town, San Diego, where the game was being played, booed Kaepernick.  A Seahawks player also did the same. In Oakland, Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane also sat on the bench behind his standing teammates as the national anthem was performed before Seattle's game against the Raiders.

Colin Kaepernick was
adopted by white
Christian parents.
While these players have the freedom to present their message, it was distasteful in how they did it.  They could have called press conferences.  The proverbial "F-You" to our country while the national spotlight was on them, and the proverbial middle finger to our country's freedom, and those who have fought for that freedom, was not acceptable in my opinion.  If they hate this country so bad, feel free to leave.  Heck, I'll help you pack.

Kaepernick's argument is a ridiculous one, anyway.  He is saying this is a discriminatory country practicing oppression against minorities. . . as he collects millions of dollars as a mixed-race minority for playing a game (and not very well, might I add), and as a black President of the United States sits in the White House (when he's not golfing).

In short, Kaepernick is a useful idiot being played like an out of tune harp by the liberal left, and he is falling for the false propaganda that is designed to destroy this country from within and sucker idiots like him into doing things exactly like what he did.  As for those leftists who are brainwashing idiots like Kaepernick, those leftists are the same people who wish to install an oppressive and authoritarian system in the place of our American System, and that new system is designed to resemble the very hateful system he thinks this country is now.

Personally, I feel like saying, "damn, dude, shut up and go throw a football.  You are not smart enough to have a political opinion."

But, Kaepernick's refusal to stand during the playing of the National Anthem was not enough for him, and his disrespect to this country.

During training camp practices in August, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback wore socks that bear the image of cartoon pigs wearing police hats.  His anti-police stance sums up the kind of guy Kaepernick is.

My hope is that the 49ers get rid of him, and he can't find a single contract with another NFL team.  Eric Reid and Jeremy Lane ought to be cut, as well.

Maybe there is some sports team in the Middle East Kaepernick and his fellow anti-American cronies can play for.  They'd probably fit in nicely, there.  Why not?  If you hate this place so much, feel free to pack up your belongings and leave.

The interesting thing is that Kaepernick entered the league claiming to be a Christian. . . but since he began dating a Muslim girlfriend. . . well, the Islamic influence, and Black Lives Matter influence, seems to have turned Kaepernick in a whole, new direction.

I am hoping the head coaches in the NFL are saying to their players, "That kind of disrespect to our country will not be tolerated on this team.  If you feel the need to pull a stunt like Kaepernick, you are off the team, no matter how much you make, and no matter how talented you think you are.  We don't need that kind of poison in our locker room."

One would hope, anyway.

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