Friday, September 23, 2016

Exit Hillary, Enter Michelle

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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With all of the discussion regarding Hillary Clinton's health, and whether or not she is physically capable of continuing her presidential campaign all the way until November 8, there has been a great amount of speculation about who would replace Hillary should she be forced to step down (or dies) prior to Election Day.  In the case of her stepping down, or losing her qualification based on criminal charges, or Hillary dying before Election Day, the task falls upon the party to provide a replacement.

The political talking heads in the media, and online, have been suggesting that either Hillary's V.P. running mate Tim Kaine, current V.P. Joe Biden, or Hillary's rival in the Primaries Senator Bernie Sanders ought to be the replacement.  The more radical offer of Barack Obama, after the 22nd Amendment is done away with (or ignored), has also surfaced.

What about another option, a legal way to keep Obama in office, while also still shattering the glass ceiling the feminists so desperately desire?  What about a way to also get the black vote out, a significant percentage of which are not necessarily willing to visit the polls for Hillary Clinton?

The answer, my friends, is Michelle Obama.

The Democrats are already realizing that beating Donald J. Trump is not as easy as they thought it would be.  Hillary is losing ground with each hack and each cough - and she has been panicking and throwing temper-tantrums complaining that she is not 50 points ahead of Trump in the polls.  The only way to capture the magic Obama provided, to be sure of a Democrat Party win in November, where Obama was even able to win while conducting a failed presidency, would be with another Obama.  Therefore, Michelle Obama is the obvious choice.

Well, it can't be the Obama daughter, Malia.  She's not old enough, yet. . . besides, she's too busy going out dancing (twerking) and smoking pot.

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