Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Deplorables

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Hillary Clinton believes that a large portion of the American population, because they support GOP Candidate Donald Trump, are a "basket of deplorables".  Remember, it was Hillary and gang who attacked Mitt Romney in 2012 for his "47%" comment (47% doesn't pay taxes, which was technically accurate), saying that he was "alienating" 47% of the population.  Was not Hillary Clinton's "deplorables" remark alienating a portion of the American Population, as well?  Mr. Trump says Hillary Clinton's "deplorables" remark is the "worst mistake of the political season."

Trump's response is somewhat refreshing.  During the Romney campaign in 2012, after doing really well in the first debate, it was as if the Romney camp began waving a white flag.  Mitt quit going after Obama, and fell into the miserable pit of believing that if they said anything bad about the opposition, it would turn off voters who are on the fence.

Pamela Geller told me that she likes Trump because "he's a brass-knuckles fighter, and that's what we need."  When Romney took off the brass knuckles, and replaced them with the soft gloves of appeasement, he may have made a few swing-voters happy, but the conservative base he really needed to win over realized he was just another weak republican who was willing to capitulate in order to keep the peace - and they walked away from his campaign in disappointment.

The appeal of Trump is his in-your-face genuine attitude that battles and corners the liberal left.  Now, with the "deplorables" remark, the Trump Campaign, and his supporters, are wearing the comment like a badge of honor - turning her attack into a negative against her, and a positive for Donald J. Trump.

Democrats have always been so good at this, taking the words of the Republicans and turning them against them.  Now, the Trump camp is doing the same with Hillary's own words. . . and as this is happening, his lead has begun to materialize in a number of polls.

Trump called Clinton's "deplorables" remark a "grotesque attack on American voters," and said that she should be "ashamed of herself."

"For the first time in a long while, her true feelings came out, showing bigotry and hatred for millions of Americans," Trump said in his statement (using the Democrat Party's own words of "bigotry" and "hatred" against them). "How can she be President of our country when she has such contempt and disdain for so many great Americans?"

A number of people attribute Romney's "47%" comment to being among the main reasons for his loss in the 2012 Presidential Election.  Could Clinton's "basket of deplorables" remark create the same kind of damage to her campaign?

Well, one thing Hillary's "deplorables" remark has done is build momentum for the brass knuckles fighter - which is something that cost the 16 other Republicans their chance for the GOP ticket, and may very well be the rocket fuel behind sending Donald Trump to the White House.

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