Friday, October 21, 2016

Icy Dinner with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

by Douglas V. Gibbs
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The venue was a New York charity dinner that is normally accompanied by various roast-style jokes when the candidates speak.  Hillary marched up to the line, and nearly crossed. . . for some, Trump did cross the line.  Crooked Hillary, he said, was "so corrupt she got kicked off the Watergate Commission."

The host went after both of them, but it was Trump that got the boos from the left leaning participants who seemed to dominate the congregation.  The jeers and boos continued as Mr. Trump discussed Clinton's emails, Wikileaks, and that the former secretary of state was "pretending not to hate Catholics," an apparent reference to 2011 emails from a current Clinton campaign spokeswoman that mocked Catholics and evangelical Christians.

Truth hurts, Democrats.  Quit booing and own your hate.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan sat between the two candidates, serving as a buffer between him, likely blocking worse vollies.  The crowd, when Trump was talking, was asking him to take the microphone from Trump.  The Democrats are fine with the Freedom of Speech, as long as you agree with them; otherwise, they want you silenced.

Clinton did laugh when Trump joked that she had bumped into him earlier in the night "and she very simply said `Pardon me"' -- an unsubtle reference to the Republican nominee's frequent declarations that his opponent should go to jail.

Clinton had a self-deprecating joke that was appreciated when she said she had taken a break from her "usual nap schedule" to attend and suggested that the audience should be pleased she's not charging her usual fee for speaking in front of potential donors.

The candidates did not greet each other or make eye contact when they entered and took their seats for the event at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, though they did shake hands at the conclusion of the roast.  The situation, in fact, seemed downright icy.

Cardinal Dolan, sitting between them, called his seat "the iciest place on the planet."

Alfred E. Smith IV, the event namesake's great-grandson, also teased Clinton, noting that "titans of Wall Street" were in attendance, but told her to restrain herself from seeking donations and to "remember the children."

The Al Smith Dinner, named in honor of the former New York governor and 1928 Democratic presidential nominee, benefits charities supporting needy children in the Archdiocese of New York. Smith IV announced that this year's dinner had raised approximately $6 million.

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