Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump's Locker Room Talk

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Guys and gals, we've all had those conversations.  It is a part of us being human, I suppose.  We have those friends, or those moments, where we let go of our worries and say what is truly on our minds.  We have our personal preferences, and our discriminations, and every once in a while, we actually allow those sacred thoughts exit our skulls through our mouths.  We aren't worried, as long as the outside people don't notice, and as long as the public is never aware.  As long as those trusted conversations remain within the confines that we establish, which is normally with a trusted friend or family member, we are fine with those private things that we say or those private opinions we'd rather nobody else know about.

We don't want the details of whatever those "locker room talk" conversations are about to get out there to other ears not necessarily because we are ashamed of what we say, or think, but often because others either wouldn't understand, or in this politically correct society there will always be those overly sensitive snowflakes that are horribly offended.

Men have their preferences regarding women, and women have their preferences regarding men.  Those preferences vary from person to person.  In those private conversations we may talk about simple things that ordinarily may not mean much at all, or sexual things that may not mean much at all from our own point of view, but in the end, those conversations were never meant for public consumption, and though we may not think they mean much at all, someone, somewhere, would think so.

Sometimes, we say things without thinking that it would be a big deal.  As a man I am sure I have had those conversations mentioning the kinds of things that Donald Trump discussed in the "release" that everyone is talking about.  I am betting all of the women screaming about what he said in that taped private conversation have had just as lewd conversations with their girlfriends, and they thought nothing of it because it was between them, and their trusted friends.  Nobody else was listening.

Now, the Hillary Clinton campaign has found one of those moments where Mr. Trump said the kinds of things we all likely say when we are not sure others are listening.  He apologized, because he knows that what he said would not be acceptable in casual company.  One might say that if it is not nice to say something while the public was listening, it's something that ought not be said at all, and I suppose such a person may be right.  But, nonetheless, we say things when we think nobody of any consequence is listening. . . just as Trump did in the recording from over a decade ago.

The purpose of the Clinton Campaign exposing Trump's private conversation, however, had nothing to do with what Trump said, or whether or not they are worried about the feelings of women everywhere because the mean ol' sexist Donald Trump (who was never considered racist or sexist by the media until he decided to run against Democrats, by the way) said unkind things about women.  It's all a game.  All a ploy.  It's a distraction from the reality that they are afraid.  The more vicious the attacks, and the more ridiculous the attacks, the more they reveal their fear that not only Trump may possibly win in November, but that he might be, as his supporters truly believe, the stick in the spokes of the establishment machine.  They are horrified that it is possible that Donald Trump may be the man who will disrupt the leftist ploy to move the United States away from the American System is was founded upon, and to stop him all rules have gone out the window.

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JASmius said...

Donald Trump IS Bill Clinton. You opposed and oppose Bill Clinton (and his wife) but still support and make excuses for Donald Trump even though he's no different from them. So did/do you oppose the Clintons because of what they did/do and stood/stand for, or simply because they have a "D" after their name? Are the principles you claim to stand for just base tribalism? It sure looks like that from here.