Sunday, November 27, 2016

Deadly New Orleans Bourbon Street Shooting

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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1 dead and 9 are wounded in a Bourbon Street shooting in French Quarter, according to New Orleans police.

The person who was killed has been identified as a male who died at an area hospital.  There is no immediate information about the extent of the other victims' injuries.

Police have indicated that two men were arrested, including one shooting victim.  Both were booked on charges of illegal carrying of a weapon. Police did not say the men were being charged or suspected with being the shooter or shooters.

Two and a half years ago, a woman was killed and nine others were injured in a shooting in the 700 block of Bourbon Street, about five blocks away. Earlier this year Trung Lee, 22, was sentenced to 60 years in prison in connection with that June 2014 shooting that police said involved at least one other gunman.

Police closed a section of Bourbon Street, setting up evidence cones throughout the crime scene.

Ronnie Buendia who was working nearby as a cashier at a parking garage about half a block from the incident said he heard four shots.

"Everybody was running into the garage trying to get away," he said.

Another witness said she saw four or five gunshot victims, including one man who appeared to have been shot in the chest, on his right side near his shoulder blade, she said, and had a bandage there. The man was walking toward an ambulance while talking on his phone.

Another man was walking with blood dripping from his fingertips in one hand, the woman said. A third victim was strapped into a stretcher and had a neck brace on. She could not tell where that third man was wounded.

"It's bad for New Orleans," said the woman.

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