Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Italian Man Forced to Give Hotel Up to Muslim Migrants

By Anita in Canada

Italian man forced to give up his hotel to African migrants.

Italy’s Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano is planning to throw citizens in prison if they don’t hand over their homes to migrants, according to a report from Italian paper Ilgiornale.

Just two weeks ago, shocking video went viral showing an 80-year-old Italian businessman named Luigi Fogli being forced by the state to hand over his Hotel to African migrants.

This is so sad.  The New World Order wants to kill the white man, and give the world to the Islamic caliphate.  But, when all the white men are gone, who is going to do any of the work that does not include jihad?  If you don't think Turd-eeew [Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau] won't do the same thing to Canadians I have a bridge to sell you.  Canadians have voted for their own demise the same as Germany, France, Sweden, etc.

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