Thursday, November 03, 2016

Loretta Lynch Intimidating James O'Keefe of Project Veritas

By Douglas V. Gibbs

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas videos (specifically these four) have been devastating to the Hillary Clinton Campaign. In his latest email, O'Keefe indicated that with the success of his videos also comes attacks by those who seek to defend Crooked Hillary.  According to O'Keefe, Breitbart sent to him a memo from the Department of Justice that literally shook him up.

In order to help fund what he is doing, O'Keefe last week sent out an email asking his supporters to donate to “Phase 2” of his investigation that "deploys our undercover journalists to early voting centers."

Days later, Loretta Lynch rushed out “guidance” to state Attorney’s General telling them that attempts to stop voter fraud would be considered “voter intimidation” and would “violate federal voting rights laws.”

Take a moment to digest that.  If we try to expose or stop the Left's criminal activity as related to the election, such actions are considered "voter intimidation" and a violation of the law.  In other words, the law protects those who break the law, and is designed to target those who seek to defend the law.

In short, "challenging" possible illegal voters and the “capture of still and video images” would be considered a federal offense.  And let us not forget how in the last two elections the Black Panthers did use voter intimidation at the polls, with a threat of violent thuggery attached, and the Democrats looked the other way.

Then, in his email, O'Keefe made a bold announcement:  "Well, you know what, I know the law and our ability to film and even challenge voters are decided on a state-by-state basis with THEIR laws, not the federal government’s edicts."

That, my friends, was a very constitutional angle.  O'Keefe gets it when it comes to truth, decency, and the United States Constitution.

But, it doesn't matter what the law says.  The Hillary Clinton cronies believe they are above the law, the law does not apply to them, and any opposition must be silenced regardless of the law.  The Law is no longer The Law, it is now simply bent and twisted for political reasons, and political interpretation.  A number of conservatives seeking to expose the truth have paid for daring to buck the system - James O'Keefe being one of those people.

James O'Keefe has informed his troops of the risks, and let them know that now Project Veritas is a primary target of the Justice Department and every liberal Attorney General out there.

O'Keefe then said in his email, "After I explained, there was no hesitation, not even a flinch - They’re all in."

The question is, are we willing to help out O'Keefe in his part of the battle to restore our constitutional republic?  The Founding Fathers were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.  Shouldn't we be willing to at least sacrifice a few bucks?  Are you in?

There are risks with all that we do when we try to stand against the establishment.  As a constitutionalist with my classes, public speaking events, radio programs and various writing outlets I have bumped up against those risks many times.  But isn't our country worth defending?  Isn't it worth it to put your money where our mouth is?  I talk to people all the time, and they are afraid to put Trump stickers on their cars because of the risk of their vehicle being keyed.  Really?  The Founders put on the line their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, and we are worried about a paint job?

Okay, fine.  How about just a little bit of money to help the causes that are important to you?  

There is still a little risk, though.  After all, if you help fund James O'Keefe's efforts, the Liberal Left will say that you’re funding voter intimidation efforts.

Sounds like projection, doesn't it?  The efforts of James O'Keefe are not intimidating anyone.

But, as he keeps reminding us, we must stand up to their intimidation.

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas is not backing down.

So, we ask once again. . . Are you in? If so, donate here.

The organization needs funding for the pile of expenses from these investigations.

And now with this new threat, that pile will likely grow higher with bills from attorneys.

Your help is greatly needed.

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