Sunday, November 13, 2016

Portland Protests Become a Riot, Violence Spread Nationally

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The protests, riots, and crying by the socialist leftists are exactly the reason people voted for Trump.  The folks supporting the GOP ticket are sick of the crap the Democrats have created, including the spineless snowflakes who are offended by anything and everything that crosses their paths.

Portland, Oregon, among one of the most liberal cities in the country, is one of the locations where the leftist trained snowflakes have broken down into miserable little piles of crybaby crap, and have been in the streets protesting Donald Trump's victory because they believe all of the the bullcrap the Democrats and media told them.


Thousands of people have been protesting, but in Portland, the events have gone from protests to riots.

Violence is contagious, too.  Once it starts, it explodes and spreads quickly.

Leftist idiots have been throwing things at police, vandalizing local businesses, and causing damage to vehicles in the street.  Police publicly declared the incidents as a "riot" due to "extensive criminal and dangerous behavior" and called the protest "unlawful."  At least 26 protesters have been arrested, so far.

In Oakland damage by 1,000 protesters includes broken store windows, graffiti, and explosions and fires ignited by M-80 firecrackers, and Molotov cocktails.  Bottles were also thrown at police officers.

So far, eleven people have been arrested in Oakland.

Los Angeles saw 185 protesters arrested.  People gathered outside Los Angeles' City Hall chanting "not my president." As in Oakland, there were reports of people throwing rocks and bottles at police officers and vandalizing police cars with graffiti.

In Washington D.C. a crowd gathered in front of the White House for a candlelight vigil.  The tears probably filled the gutters.

Protesters in Chicago displayed anti-Trump signs near the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

In New York protesters filled Washington Square Park.

The Democrats caused this, encouraged this, and anyone causing any property damage should be arrested for their crimes.  The problem is, the Democrats want race war.  They want violence.  They want mob violence and mob rule.

And they wonder why voters, sick of their crap, voted in Donald Trump into the White House.  And they wonder why police are more in their face, and wearing military style gear.

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