Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rise of a European Armed Force

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The communists have finally come together. . . to form a European military force.

The EU Army is in the midst of being agreed upon, and the EU is saying BRITAIN will foot the bill.

The creation of a continent-wide super army that will be up and running next year, according to the leftist leaders behind its creation, blame BREXIT for its creation.

"At a time when public support for the EU is being called into question in some Member States, defence and security is an area where the individual and collective benefits of more Europe can be easily demonstrated, especially regarding the likely challenges to EU’s standing as a strategic actor following Brexit."

And Britain will be required to participate, despite pulling out of the EU, according to reports.

From the ashes of tyranny rises an army of tyranny.

I wonder if their next move will be to join with the rising Islamic Caliphate and move against Israel.

Will America defend Israel, side with Europe, or stand aside and watch helplessly?

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