Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump Win Means Progressives Will Double Down

by Douglas V. Gibbs
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What we are seeing is nothing.  Violence and protests are just the beginning.  The Democrats have been wounded, and they are like a wild animal in fight or flight mode, and I guarantee you the liberal left progressive socialist utopian commies aren't running away.

Despite an incredible victory by Trump, and a shocking one from their point of view, the leftist narrative will remain the same, and in fact they will double down.  They will riot, they will divide America even deeper, and they will launch attacks against Trump and everyone associated with him that will make what they've done so far, or what they've done to Republicans in the past (Sarah Palin comes to mind), look like child's play.

There will also be a push to get rid of the Electoral College (a mistake we will never recover from if they are successful) because the Democrats realize that while they can gain a democratic majority with government dependent voters, the mechanisms of a republic are in the way of their dream of a single-party system.

The Democrats are convinced their pre-election polls were wrong because they never saw the racist white backlash coming.  Never mind that after 50 years of Democrat policies in the big cities, life for blacks and Hispanics still economically sucks.

The Democrats had hoped by this moment that the GOP would be in disarray.  A Hillary Clinton win, which Never Trump folks figured was a sure thing since Trump was such a bad candidate (their words, not mine), would be the final death nail.  A Republican civil war between the moderates and the conservatives was supposed to be raging by now, and President Clinton (or Obama) was going to be poised to start packing the Supreme Court with leftist judges.

Instead, the Democrat Party is smoldering, and rather than launch a godly Tea Party style revolt, all they know how to do is be revolutionary, violent and unlawful.

It's in their nature.

Now, they are going to search for their own anti-establishment character to the Democrat Party version of Trump.  They will never nominate a white candidate again, also, because the racists of the Democrat Party think it's all about race, and has little to do with the fact that Americans are rejecting their anti-Constitution policies.  Muslims are swarming around in the hopes of taking over the DNC, which means we might see an even stranger direction for the Democrats than even us conservatives could have expected.

The civil war that is now raging in the Democrat Party is truly becoming an interesting one. Progressives who refuse to claim they are socialist, the socialists who love Bernie Sanders, and the establishment who is in cahoots with socialists and the Muslim Brotherhood but won't outright admit it, are all at odds with each other right now. . . but understand, it won't last long.  They are collectivists.  They are a part of a sheeple hive mentality.  They will come together eventually, and become more dangerous than they've ever been before.  It's time for revolution, they believe, and there are no rules or limits.  Star Trek's the Borg will seem like a J.V. Team compared to the Democrats when their wrath takes full shape.

The troops have already been dispatched, protesting and rioting like the sheep they were trained to be.  The only question is, will the Republicans ever realize this is more than a political disagreement.  From the Democrat Party's point of view, we are in a war, and they believe it's now time to pull out the big guns.

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