Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump's Uneducated Bigots and Hillary's Intolerant Democrats

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The violent, crying, temper-tantrum response we are seeing being committed by the snowflakes of the liberal left Democrats is a large part of the reason Trump got elected.  Americans are sick and tired of the disconnect the Democrats have with Americans, and the misguided idiocy of the snowflakes who are basically demanding through temper tantrums that it's their way, or no way.  From celebrities saying they would move out of the country (which disappointingly turned out to be an empty threat), to the Hillary supporters content with burning the American Flag, the insanity unleashed after Trump's win is no surprise, because the Democrats have convinced the mindless tools of their ideology to believe lie after lie after lie, and to question none of the poppycock the progressive leadership has fed them.

The protesters are mostly college students. You know, the so-called "educated."  In truth, they aren't the educated, they are the indoctrinated.

Of course they frown upon the opposition, which is anyone who questions the Democrats or socialism for any reason.  They've been trained to be agitators in the style of Saul Alinsky by Academia, the media, the entertainment industry and the Democrat politicians.  They have been taught to be violent and intolerant against anyone considered their opposition because according to their trainers, their opposition is so stupid, racist and evil that all means necessary is just fine.  If you look hard enough, or manipulate information enough, you can make anything seem true - and that has been a propaganda gem for the liberal left progressive commie bastards.  Through over a century of manipulation and an alteration of language, the term racist applies to anyone, according to the liberal left, who disagree with Obama's policies, support enforcing immigration law or securing the border, and halting the import of Muslim migrants until we can figure out how to make sure no terrorists are among their ranks.  "Stupid" is defined as a condition of disagreeing with liberal left socialism.  "Uneducated" is defined by the liberal left as those who failed to earn a degree from a college system that is largely dominated by leftist professors, and has become a liberal left training ground and system of indoctrination facilities.  The Democrat Party sheeple, of course, don't believe anything you or I might say or write because their overlords of the Democrat Party and Progressive Movement told them that everything that opposes leftism is an evil lie.

The leftist websites are never short of such propaganda. . .
I didn't list those headlines to give attention to the liberal left websites, but to show you what they are saying and truly believe.  Funny thing is that the folks who stood behind Donald Trump have not struck me as being any of the things the liberal left is saying.  It's sort of like when the liberal left Democrat stooges were saying the same thing about Tea Party folks, and a Yale University liberal left professor, in an attempt to prove the rhetoric true, wound up showing that Tea Party people are not only intelligent, but more educated about things like science than the average leftist.  Honestly, I was surprised the guy decided to publish his findings after what he found.

So, while the Hillary Clinton and Obama flock claim to be tolerant and fair, they are beyond hateful against anyone who opposes them, and will stoop to any disgusting level they can. . . including what we see in the below image where a sign held by Hillary Supporters call for the rape of Melania Trump.

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