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Truths About the 2016 Presidential Election

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The 2016 Presidential Election is behind us, and on January 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump will be taking the oath of office to be the 45th President of the United States.  While the media is running around in circles trying to figure out how their B.S. turned out to be wrong (because even they began to believe their own B.S.), those of us in the real world are here to say there isn't really as much surprise out there as the folks in the hard left bubble believes.  That said, this election has revealed many things about the political world, and the Donald Trump presidential run.  Here's a few quick truths about the results. . .

  • Everyone is shocked and amazed except for me.
I truly believed Trump would win, not because the voters love Trump, but because they desire to stick a stick in the spokes of the establishment.  They are tired of the political elites, and they believe Trump is an outsider that has not been bought, and is not beholden to business as usual.  I announced Trump would win on Monday when interviewed by Mark Patrone.  I will admit, however, Michigan surprised me.  Wisconsin being Scott Walker country didn't surprise greatly, and I had a feeling Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida (necessary to win, in my opinion) were going to glow red.  I thought that Trump may pick up a few surprises like Oregon or Colorado, but that didn't come to pass.
  • The Democrats will never nominate a white person again.
Van Jones calls what happened a "white-lash against a changing country."  The black vote and Hispanic vote (to the surprise of the Democrat Party) abandoned Hillary in this election.  The Democrats are not convinced that Trump's message had anything to do with that.  As Van Jones pointed out, they think it was racially driven.  Therefore, as the minority population increases, the Democrats will not reconsider their message of liberalism, but instead they will chase the black and Hispanic vote by always nominating minorities as their nominees.  While accusing Republicans of being racist, it turns out (to no surprise here) that it is actually the Democrats who are the racists, for everything they do is based on race, and separating people into racial segments in society.  Julian Castro, Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris will likely be the candidate in 2020.
  • Hillary Clinton will not go to jail.
The chants of "lock her up" are now in the past, and President Trump does not want to be remembered as the President who locked up Hillary Clinton, but as the President who made America Great Again.  While the investigations will continue, I doubt there will be any indictments.  I would love to see her charged with a number of crimes, but that is no longer a priority.  Besides, the Clintons have been dethroned, and humiliated - and they probably won't be able charge as much for speeches.  That alone may be considered punishment enough.
  • The establishment's rules regarding elections have been proven wrong.
A message of conservatism wins.  Reagan proved it, and now Trump has proven it.  While the mainstream media is in shock and awe, and their polls turned out to be very wrong, the reality is that the idea that a candidate needs to move to the center to win has been disproven.  Sure, Hillary Clinton was and is unlikable, and people desired to kick the establishment in the teeth, but in the end the reality is when people looked at the issues, they said "yes" to a new direction, a direction of conservatism.  We know this not necessarily just because Trump won, but because the Congress remains a Republican majority.  In short, the message was "the Status Quo Must Go," and "Let's move away from progressive liberal left dominance" - at least for now.
  • Trump's Cabinet will be like no other.
Donald Trump is not necessarily a Washington Insider like many of his critics believe.  Favors for fellow politicians will not play into his choices for his Cabinet because he has no fellow politicians. . . because he hasn't been a politician before.  Watch for a large number, if not a blinding majority, of Trump's choices to be businessmen and private sector actors. While there will probably be politicians holding these positions, like perhaps Rudy Guiliani or John Bolton, the possibility of people like Forrest Lucas, the 74-year-old co-founder of oil products company Lucas Oil, as Interior secretary, or Goldman Sachs veteran Steven Mnuchin as Treasury secretary may also be a possibile reality.
  • Obamacare is a goner.
I believe one of Trump's first actions will be to call a special session of Congress to overturn Obamacare, and then work to create legislation allowing insurance companies to sell across State lines, and reduce federal influence on the industry while also encouraging a privatization of the industry through mechanisms such as Health Savings Accounts.
  • The Mainstream Media is in big trouble.
There is no doubt, now, to the American People that the polls were wrong, and likely manipulated, and that the mainstream media truly cannot be trusted at all.  Due to technology, television as we know it is already in its final death throes, but this election will hasten that death, and open up a massive move towards streaming television, and similar services.  The alphabet networks will have to adjust or die, and the new media will move forward into an even more prominent position in news reporting.  We can only hope that Hollywood will suffer a similar shakeup.
  • Non-Politicians can win.
Inexperience as a politician has proven not to matter in the minds of the voter, and if anything, we have been told we are sick and tired of the "professional politicians."  Trump is bringing the mind of a businessman to the White House, and his presidency may set a precedent that may carry into future campaigns.  And if we're lucky, we'll begin to see less lawyers as politicians. . . but don't hold your breath on that.

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