Thursday, November 17, 2016

World's Reaction to Trump Win

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Illusions, deception, smoke and mirrors.  This is how a public can be fooled, and convinced to act in a manner that defies common sense.  Tools.  That's all the leftist protesters and agitators are.  Mere tools in the hands of an authoritarian scheme of progressivism that has infected global politics.  Truth is, people are sick of that crap.  That's why Trump's win was so electorally incredible that he would have beaten Obama in the last election in 2012.  While Daddy Bush called for a New World Order, and Clinton, Bush-44 and Obama did all they could to double-down on the ushering in of a New World Order, Brexit and Trump slammed it, showing that the general public rejects the globalist goals.  In the process, they created their own NEW NEW WORLD ORDER.  Back in 1801 the Federalist Political Party, who were the big government folks of their time, after losing the White House and both Houses of Congress as the Democrats have in 2016, "retreated to the stronghold of the courts," as Thomas Jefferson put it.  The liberal left now controls 70% of the federal court system, but with Trump's win, their bid to seize the U.S. Supreme Court has been thwarted, and Trump's victory ensures a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for possibly a generation, or longer.  Trump's victory disallowed the Democrats from retreating to the stronghold of the courts, and destroying the American System and the U.S. Constitution through judicial fiat.

The big babies of the Democrat Party are so out of whack that the bluest of the blue liberal left loonies of California are actually calling for the State to consider secession.  Hollywood celebrities before the election had said they were going to leave the country if Trump won, and folks encouraging them to do so have placed 'Moving Sale' posters throughout Los Angeles.  The leftists are so nuts that they are even comparing Trump's win to 9/11.

Hard left Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore her infamous "dissent jabot" on the bench  on the Wednesday morning following the election.  During the campaign Ginsburg publicly criticized Trump before later apologizing.  In an interview with The New York Times in July, she said she “can’t imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president...For the country, it could be four years, for the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that.”

She later quoted her late husband Martin Ginsburg, saying, “Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.”

Trump's win came as a huge surprise to the mainstream media, and revealed how clues from social media may have told us what was coming.  The violent response of anti-Trump protesters, while horrid, doesn't surprise the Trump supporters.  That kind of vicious agitation and mindless attacks and racist violence is exactly why the Trump voters rejected the Democrats and the political establishment, and threw their support behind Trump.  The protests by leftists, the anti-Trump nutcakes are claiming, are simply an attempt for them to utilize their freedom of speech.  But, in the First Amendment the right to "peaceably assemble" is among the rights enumerated.  There is no right to violently assemble.  The protests by anti-Trump sheeple have been turning violent - something we can hardly call peaceable.  The anti-Trump crowd are going beyond violence.  They are issuing threats.  They are calling for the death of their opposition, screaming that "People have to die."  Could you imagine what the media's response would be if Republicans did the same in a scenario surrounding a Democrat victory?

Assassination Threats are emerging, as well, not only in signs and words, but all over Twitter.  They claim the win is a lie, and that Trump's racist and sexist campaign should not have won.  In fact, they can't even fathom that he won.  They don't understand how Trump fared well with women voters, for example, even though the media hammered him, tried to make him out to be a sexist.  In truth, what happened was that even the media got to the point where they began believing their own B.S.

In the end, the smugness of the press was a lie, and the voters knew it. . . and ultimately turned against the leftist media's insane elitist socialist message.

The Democrats claim the whole world is angry with how the election turned out.  It turns out, however, that there is one world figure that is very happy with how things turned out.  Trump responded in kind, inviting Israel's President Netanyahu to the United States so that they could have a meeting.

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