Wednesday, December 14, 2016

California Earthquakes Intensify

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Earthquakes, especially the fear of the next "Big One," are a constant fear on the minds of Californians.  Of late, we've been hit quite a bit with medium and small earthquakes, and many of us are wondering, "Is this a sign of more rumbling that will intensify?  Or is it needed relief for tension between the plates below us. . . possibly holding off the next big earthquake for at least a little while?"

In the 24 hours California has been hit in various regions with a number of quakes.
  • Mammoth Lakes recorded a 3.9 magnitude temblor Tuesday night.
  • A swarm of minor aftershocks have continued to hit Mammoth Lakes.
  • A 5.0 magnitude quake rocked Sonoma County.
  • A 3.9 quake was recorded in the town of Templeton on the Central Coast.
  • A 5.0 magnitude quake was recorded in Cloverdale in Sonoma County.

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