Friday, December 23, 2016

Go Ahead, say "Merry Christmas"

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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In stores and schools across America employees and teachers are being warned not to say "Merry Christmas."  I was talking to someone who works for a major department store, and she told me the supervisors, for the second year in a row, are actively warning employees about using the "religious" salutation.  Employees have been given less hours as a penalty.

We see this every year.  It's nothing new.  And, each year it gets worse.  Between political correctness, the leftist assault on anything not consistent with the liberal left narrative, and the rise of a massive wave of capitulation to Islam, the foundation of liberty in the modern world is under assault.

The war on Christmas is just another part of a broad and expansive war on our culture.  It's another way to attack individualism, self-reliance, and personal responsibility.  God stands in the way of totalitarianism.  That is why Karl Marx called religion the opiate of the masses.

In reality, that's all smoke and mirrors.  Faith is something that is temporary, according to those who see it as a danger to their agenda, and it passes when all economic hopes have been extinguished.

America is a temporary deviation.  A sidestep from the inevitable journey to a collective utopia.

Religion, according to the progressive/socialist/leftist/liberal/Marxists, is dependent upon whatever social purpose the religion in question serves.  The content of its beliefs are meaningless, and false.  An illusion that provides reasons and excuses to keep society functioning just as it is, to conserve the status quo, and maintain the unfair privileges of the materialistic and wealthy bourgeoisie.

Religion, the statists believe, enables people to alienate themselves from the welfare of the collective community, and allows the citizens to project their highest ideals and aspirations upon an alien, and unknowable being that the faithful called a god.  That is unacceptable to the statists, and therefore it must be eliminated.  However, in America we have this thing called "Freedom of Religion," and we have a strong Christian base upon which our society has been built.  Taking our faith from us is not as easy as it was with past totalitarian regimes, or Islam, where the offending faith is simply killed out.

It's not easy to dislodge faith when it is embedded into a society as soundly as it is in the United States.

Marx found religion to be irrational, delusional.  Religion, in his opinion, makes the masses accepting of the status quo, and unwilling to seek change towards a more productive society based on communal principles.  No matter how bad society becomes, those who believe in religious ideals maintain the hope that their god will liberate them from unacceptable systems, therefore they do not need to participate in a socialist revolution to free the masses from the chains of a bourgeois system.

Like Marx, today's leftists view modern religion as being hypocritical, for Jesus advocated helping the poor, but Christianity merged with the oppressive Roman state, taking part in the enslavement of people for centuries.  In his era, The Church refused to recognize his alleged humanitarian and charitable nature of a potential collective governmental system that, if given the opportunity to gain acceptance, would theoretically provide for a world in real distress.  In our era the leftists see the same hypocrisy.  Many Christians are against governmental benefits to the poor.  The liberal left doesn't understand that it's not helping the poor that the Christians are against.  It's doing it through governmental means.

Statists see religion as being a crutch that people seek when they are oppressed.  It serves as hope in a hopeless world, and as long as the world remains as it is, they have concluded, the illusion of religion will never be surrendered voluntarily by the masses.  Humanity must reach real happiness through utopia so that religion is no longer needed.

So, they wage war on all things Christian - especially Christmas.

It is all a part of the same agenda pushed by people like Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton - and the leadership of the Democrat Party and worldwide progressive movement.

So, fight against the agenda.  Say "Merry Christmas."

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