Thursday, December 22, 2016

Obama's Transformation

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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President Obama ranks among the most unconstitutional presidents in history.  He continuously worked around Congress, taking action on his own without working with Congress.  Remember the famous "pen and a phone" remark?

Yet, after using every opportunity he could to bypass Congress, lawless Obama's message to President Elect Donald Trump is, "My suggestion to the president-elect is, you know, going through the legislative process is always better, in part because it's harder to undo," Obama said.

Then Obama went into fantasy mode, as if nobody would realize he was lying.  He said, "Keep in mind, though, that my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done. In my first two years I wasn't relying on executive powers because I had big majorities in the Congress and we were able to get bills done, get bills passed. And even after we lost the majorities in Congress, I bent over backwards consistently to try to find compromise and a — a legislative solution to some of the big problems that we've got."


Obama signed sweeping executive orders time and time again, and then eventually abandoned the orders, and went into Executive Actions mode.

Even the Supreme Court got frustrated with the renegade president, effectively killing one of his immigration orders.

While Barack Obama is saying to Trump that he wants the new President of the United States not to be the ruler that Obama sought to be, Obama is not finished with his totalitarian hope for change.  While in the United States his reign may be finished, after he leaves his destructive eight years in the White House he will launch his new reign of destruction against the White House.

Obama has always felt like being President of the United States was beneath him.  Obama is going to take being a community organizer to the worldwide stage, now.  He is going to add his radical leftism to the globalist mess that already exists on the international scale.

“The network that you represent, you're perfectly poised to do that,” Obama told his Organizing For America followers. “In other words, now is the time for some organizing.”

During Cicero's exile, as the Roman republic became the Roman Empire during the years that the rule of Julius Caesar approached, the statists used violence in the streets as the Democrats have.  Then, they reached out farther, pulling the empire under one umbrella as the representative system died, forcing the legislators to become nothing more than a rubber stamp for the rulers.

While the leftist rioters on America's streets have been preparing the country for the worldwide revolution to come, in the background Obama's network of staffers and organizers are beginning to organize and coordinate.  OFA is Obama’s equivalent of the Clinton Foundation, but rather than seeking the riches of money, Obama's is all about Alinsky-style organizing and activism.  Obama's allies are revolutionaries, merging global influence operations.

OFA is poised to make the Clinton Foundation look like a kiddie petting zoo.  The Clintons chased greed.  Obama is chasing global domination through a massive network of community organizing.

Obama won't reveal what is going on, at first.  He will use a system of smoke and mirrors to keep everyone off balance.  But, in the background, he will be working to launch his dream of radical change using the network he’s built.

Obama is now the American chief of a community organizing machine that will combine its efforts with other global political machines, because though Obama believes the way to start knocking America to its knees was from within, now it is time to also attack from outside the White House.

While the Democrats are running around in circles trying to figure out how it was they were defeated by Trump, Obama is planning the next move.  Statism is not a political party in the United States.  The progressive liberal left socialists are an international movement.  A global wave of communism that never completely died when the Berlin Wall fell is now poised to consume the Western World, if Islam doesn't beat it to the punch.

Granted, some may even suggest the two factions are in cahoots with each other.

Barack Obama will do as all socialists do.  He will be careful, vague about his plans, and incremental in his injection of power.  He will attack the new administration with well-constructed and carefully planned assaults.  He will use deception in ways he has not up to this point.  He will act as if he is an angel of light, questioning the GOP's values and Americanism.

In short, the defeat of the Democrats in the 2016 Election is not a victory, but a short reprieve as the forces of the Left retool and regroup.  The war has only just begun, and the liberal left, with the help of Obama, plan to increase the stakes.

Obama will move to consolidate the left on a grander scale so that they may launch their attack against liberty on a larger global stage.  He will do as he has always done; play the role of the outsider standing against "the man."  He will be the innocent president-in-exile standing up against Trump's alleged force of white supremacists and fascists. . . when in reality it is the liberal left that seeks to be the purveyors of totalitarian rule.

Street gangs and terrorism will terrorize the populace as Obama's people coordinate their incursion through liberal left think tanks and regionalism.

Obama believes his radical agenda is not over, but simply needs to take a new form.  Obama is not done transforming America, and now he will see himself as tasked with transforming the world.

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