Monday, December 12, 2016


By Winston Smith

"Progressivism" is a complete misnomer.

Progressivism is, in fact, the most regressive movement since the likes of Ivan the Terrible. 

Progressive states are oppressive states. They use themselves up trying to square the circle. The masses can be equal or they can be free, but they cannot be both. As a result, under socialism, all power and profit go to a tiny elite, while the masses suffer and starve.

Of course, the masses have suffered and starved under one system or another since the dawn of time, but the birth of the American republic with its "invisible hand" and built-in checks and balances has changed all the rules forever. The genius of the founding fathers lay in their guaranteeing equality of opportunity, not results. All Americans are equal before the law. The difference is in the use we make of that equality.
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