Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Why Does the December 19 Electoral College Official Vote Even Matter?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The following is an email of confusion I received from a reader regarding the Electoral College:
"Stein's bid for the recount could have been thwarted by Trump's objections, according to Politico. It would have delayed the recount until Tuesday or Wednesday. The delay could have jeopardized the completion of the recount in time for the Dec. 19 deadline for the Electoral College to officially vote."
I do not understand anything about this Dec 19 vote.  Why is it done?  What could change?  Do you think anything will change?  Why wasn't everything over and done with on the last vote?
Anything to do with another vote makes me nervous.  Simply 'cause so many things are voted leftist these days.
And 'cause of those phone towers that can CHANGE the thinking of some people.
Read that Austria voted leftist in their recent election, when they could have voted for an anti immigration party.  Merkel was fast with her congrats.  Austria used to have so much to be proud about.  Now they will become just another Muslim country.
The United States is not a Democracy.  We are a Republic.  The Electoral College protects us from the excesses of Democracy.  When we vote for President, we are not voting for the President, but for the electors to vote for him.  The process goes all the way back to the U.S. Constitution, and in truth, originally, the people's vote did not influence or affect the Electoral College's vote.

I discussed the topic in detail, explaining why the vote on December 19 even exists, and why it is important for us to keep the Electoral College, for about half an hour on WSRQ-AM Radio in Sarasota on the SRQ Review program with Bob Rinear.  The following is a link to the podcast for your own listening opportunity:


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