Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Capitol Hill Democrats: Cops are Pigs

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The violence against police in the United States has been instigated by the Democrats.  Pandering to inner-city voters, they have fomented unrest, and encouraged rioting and anti-police violence.  In Washington D.C., the Democrats doubled-down on their anti-police narrative by putting up a painting that depicts a police officer as a pig, three times.

The painting is part of a student-art contest on display along a Capitol Hill corridor and remained largely unnoticed for about seven months, until officer groups began to complain. California Republican Representative Duncan Hunter personally removed the painting, saying he was angered by its depiction of police.

Democrat Representative Lacy Clay, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus from whose Missouri district the picture came, hung the painting back up, calling Hunter’s action “blatant censorship.”

But, the Democrats never consider their tactics against the GOP, conservatives, or the Tea Party as being "censorship."  Never mind that the Democrats have used violence to silence Republicans who supported Trump, and intimidation in the schools and in the entertainment industry against anyone who is considered right-of-center.

After Clay put the painting back up, another Republican, Colorado Representative Doug Lamborn, took the painting down, again.  He took it to Clay’s office and told the Democrat Congressman that it doesn’t belong in the Capitol.

Clay rehung it – again.

“It was wrong and it was inappropriate,” Clay said regarding the GOP efforts to take down the painting. “It’s not about defending an art contest. It’s about defending the Constitution.”

Did Clay defend the silenced, in the name of defending free speech and the Constitution, when white students were suspended for wearing American Flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo?  Did he stand by the Trump supporters who were being silenced by violent mobs for trying to practice their right to speak freely?  What about the victims of the riots who dared to disagree with the Marxist message being put out by the Black Lives Matter mobs?

Of course not.

Clay, instead, is pushing for Capitol Hill police to file theft charges against Hunter, who after removing the painting returned it to Clay’s congressional office. Clay said he has not heard from the police but does not intend to personally take legal action.

Clay insisted he is not “anti-police” and said he “does not agree or disagree with the painting” -- arguing his intent is to defend the First Amendment rights of the 18-year-old artist, David Pulphus.

He argued the artist’s worldview has been shaped by the “animalistic” behavior of police officers.  Isn't that an "anti-police" statement?  I thought he said he is not "anti-police"?

Hunter said, “It doesn’t belong in the U.S. Capitol. It’s that simple. It violates the rules of the art competition. You cannot have offensive things in the competition and this does.”

He said the rules do not allow paintings with "sensationalistic" subjects or those that depict "contemporary political controversy."

The acrylic painting depicts a police officer as a pig in uniform aiming a gun at African-American protesters. Above the scene, two birds -- one black, one white -- fight, and beside them, an African-American protester holding a scale of justice is crucified.

The Democrat Party's class warfare has worked beautifully for them, hasn't it?  The painter of the police-officer-as-a-pig-in-uniform painting, I am sure, is not aware that the Democrats are the real racists who supported slavery, created the KKK, created the Jim Crow laws, Democrat President Woodrow Wilson segregated the military, Democrats (including Al Gore Sr.) filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson was a racist who used the "N" word often, Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's first Supreme Court pick was an active member of the KKK, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was an active member and leader of the KKK and his KKK membership was once justified by Bill Clinton, or that Bill Clinton and Harry Reid both made remarks about Barack Obama that could be construed as being racist.

Law enforcement groups have called the painting, and the willingness of the Democrats to display it, “reprehensible, repugnant and repulsive.”

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